Monday, September 29, 2008

The Long & Winding Road...

Well, the long and winding road has finally led us home. What an adventure! We left Hong Kong at 10am on Friday, heading for Newark. 16 hours later, we arrive in Newark, only to be told that because of bad weather (what weather? I don't see any weather?) our flight was being delayed by a few hours, and that we will NEVER make our connection from Atlanta to Ft Myers. Yeah, that's just the news WE wanted to hear after all those hours of flying! So, we start trudging up and down the lines at all the airlines, asking if anyone will be flying to Ft Myers... no deal... BUT, if we want to stay with our original airline, they will fly us into Sarasota. That flight was also delayed, so we will have no problem making that connection. Ok, so I have just barely enough bars on my cell to get in touch with Margie to find out if they can still pick us up, even if we are now going to be almost 2 hours drive from home... I don't know why I bothered to ask... I knew Margie & Charlie would say yes. So, we headed to Atlanta at 7pm Friday night (US Time). We land in Atlanta, and come out of our gate to start heading to the gate for Sarasota... and guess what we pass... the gate for the flight to Ft Myers... and it hasn't left yet!!! Well, we thought about it for about a minute, but realized, all our luggage has already been checked thru to Sarasota... so no sense in flying to Ft Myers! What a pain... We left Atlanta about 9:30pm headed for Florida. We finally arrived around midnight in Sarasota. Now I had no doubt Margie & Charlie would be there, but they said they were going to try to convince my folks not to make the trip.. yeah, right... LOL... Just as we expected, mom bursts out in tears as soon as she sees her new granddaughter. And Rachel took to her Nana right away. She took to her Grandpa too... and Margie.. and Charlie... and the lady who worked at the counter who they all met while they were waiting for us! LOL... Our little girl was so good through all the insanity of flying around the world for the last 24 hours.

I was surprised to find our yard decorated before we got home! Kim & Rita did an amazing job. Oh, and Kim's hubby Chris seemed to have a good time TP'g my mailbox and bushes! :-)

I am SO glad that it is all over... We are absolutely thrilled to be home... OH.. and Penny did great with the baby. All she wants to do is lick her face... and hands, and toes... She sure has grown up while we were gone!

Today (Sunday) my girlfriends came over for their first visit with Rachel. They had a ball, and so did she! She got passed around to everyone, including my girlfriends 11 year old daughter Miranda, who is going to make an AWESOME babysitter! (IF she wants!)
I gotta say, I have some incredible friends... They really have been there for all the trials & tribulations... I love you guys... :-)

Mom came over after the girls left. Needless to say, our little munchkin had a full day with all the company... can you tell?

Tomorrow we have her first pediatrician appointment... I wonder if she can give me something too... I am sick... oh BOY am I sick... for the first time in YEARS I am actually running a fever, chills, tummy ache, etc. I'm going to have a hard time keeping my germies away from the baby, but I don't want her getting whatever I seem to be getting. So that's why the one long post... not sure if I'll be up for doing this again tomorrow...
Wish us luck at the Dr's office!


Trish said...

I'm so glad you are home!!!!!! Can't wait to see Rachel! I'll talk to you soon or I'll see you very soon! ((((hugs)))) Trish

Mysty and Anthony said...

Im so glad you are home and so sorry for all the craziness when you landed and for you being sick. I was sick like that while I was in China, so I have NO idea what it is!! It could be effects from jet lag though..I heard it does that to you! Hopefully that's all it is and a little rest will do you some good! Thank you for updating even though you don't feel good bc I have looked on here 3 times a day just to see if you made it home and how things were going! :) I wish I could come and see you and Rachel, but that's a pretty far trip so just sending my congrats and excitement to you through this comment! Enjoy being a mommy at your home and I can't wait to see more updates! Get better and let us know how big Rachel got just in the 2 weeks you've had her!! She's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Glad you're home!!!

Mysty and Anthony said...

hey girl....are you feeling better? What did the Dr. say about the two of you??? Well, I stayed home from work today with fever, and weak..nothing else really but don't think with the way I feel I need to be driving 50 kids around!! Anyway, I got Olivia's ears pierced a month after we got her exactly...she was 10 months old. It's not that bad. She does have reactions to them cheap ones can stay in long so they are always taken out at night. The first 6 weeks were good, but the dressy and cute ones are out for a long mother like daughter!! HAHAAHA I'm the same way! It'll be fine...really. she will cry for literally about 3 min, after she cries bc you are holding her down, and then she won't even know she has them in. I did it that early bc after 3 boys that's one of the things I was looking forward to!! :)
I PROMISE if I ever get to that area, no matter how long it is from now, I WILL get in contact with you!! I have to see that beauty...and meet you!! :)
How is it going so far??? Having a ball???? Getting any sleep???? Well, you know how to get ahold of me for questions...I don't mind answering them!! :) Can't wait to see more pics!!! Hope you are better!!

sarah said...

I love the photos of Rachel with her grandma and grandpa!!
We also had a rough flight home - primarily because Lauren was not well throughout it!
Ooohh, we have been to the pediatrician's office Friday, Monday and today!! All kinds of blood work, medication (antibiotics started finally), ultrasound to her kidneys to make sure the tainted formula didn't hurt her (all fine there we found out today!).
I hope you feel better!!

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