Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday in The Park

So Rachel just came up to me this morning & said she wanted to do more "Work" at getting her picture taken (For those who don't know, she had one modeling job a month or so ago for a boutique, and was not terribly cooperative when it came to taking those pictures!)
Well, she only wanted to pose for me and take a few fun pictures, so, we did!!

She had fun & was ready for more... it was time to pack up & join Aunt Margie, Nessy & Baby James for a picnic at Four Freedoms Park!  It was a great way to spend the afternoon! The kids had a blast playing on the playground, and of course, they LOVED their peanut butter & jelly sandwiches! So did the local wildlife!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Give Ireland Back To The Irish

Since Thursday was St Patrick's Day, we decided to have our big Boiled Dinner on Sunday (so we could all enjoy it together, instead of leftover!).  Margie & Charlie came with their grandson James, and Mom & Dad came too! 
Dinner turned out totally yummy, if I must say so myself!  Tommy also made a delicious "Kitchenette Cake" from one of his antique cookbooks.
 Rachel was SO glad to have Baby James over to play with!  She was so happy, she even let James drive her car, and thanks to Aunt Margie they figured out how to turn the car into a 2 seater!

 Our happy little couple had their own special table, and enjoyed eating together.  Rachel was too funny, playing the little mother, telling James to eat his dinner.  I should have James over more often! We didn't have to fight with her to eat half as much as we usually do for dinner!  After all, she had to set a good example, right?  Haha 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Need a Hug

Today we spent some time with Aunt Margie & her Grandkids, Baby J & Christopher!  Rachel had a blast, playing under the hose and running around with the boys.  She also did the cutest thing and thank goodness I got in on video!  Baby J was getting a little rough with his little brother, and made him cry.  Well, Rachel does NOT like to see anyone crying... so she went to Christopher to console him... watch the video & you will see the cute moment!

 The kids had a ball while Margie squirted them with the hose. The boys were climbing in & out of that bucket... Rach didn't want to get THAT wet... LOL...
 Ok, time to teach my daughter about the rules of being a GIRLIE girl... This AIN'T IT!
 Rachel's first car date?  I don't THINK so! LOL...
 Ok, so maybe she was having just a TEENY bit of fun, huh?
Besides playing on the lanai, the kids were running around in the yard, playing with as many toys as they could, and playing hose with Aunt Margie!  Rachel refused to take off her sneakers & socks (she actually listened to me for a change!! ) so her little feet were a bit pruney by the time we got home, but she had way too much fun to care!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(oh yes it's) Ladies Night

Every month, I get together with an awesome group of ladies, and we have our "Meeting of the Minds".  We generally do something special around Christmas time, but this year because of all the garbage with me going up north & just the timing in general, we decided to have a special ladies night at the Melting Pot restaurant.  They have a Ladies night every month, so we decided to splurge just this once... we  had a BLAST.  I arrived a wee bit late, since I had to drop the munchkin off at her Nana & Papa's house, but I arrived in plenty of time to enjoy the first course of standard cheese fondue!

Nancy even won a door prize of a bottle of wine!  WOOHOO!  (She tried to get them to exchange it for her favorite White Zin, but they couldn't... oh well)

Kim & Rita enjoying their Dark Chocolate Dessert fondue.  Nancy shared with them, while Donna & I went to town on the WHITE chocolate... YUMMMMMMMM.... we both agreed the fresh jumbo Strawberries were the best!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Just a few random shots... Spread over a couple of days... yes, it's cheating, but I keep forgetting to update the blog, so this is an easy way to share a few of the latest details!

Here is our little ball player... she has recently decided she wants to be more like daddy, so she wants to wear a hat all the time!  just too cute!

This one makes me think she's practicing Karate! 

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