Saturday, May 19, 2012

Space Cowboy

Yes, Rachel is still obsessed with the Solar System!  You won't hear me complaining!  She never ceases to amaze & amuse us around here!  :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Night

My honey gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses for Mother's Day 

We were originally going to just pool our resources with Mom & Dad, but as it turns out, they had gift cards to P.F. Chang's, so we headed there for our special Mother's Day Dinner!

It was a rainy, stormy evening, so we took our time driving over there. It actually got so bad at one point that the power went out in the restaurant! LOL...

She was so excited to wear her silks to dinner!  We had a really nice evening.  First of all, we had a good waiter which always helps. He gave mom & I each a Mother's Day card for $10 off our next visit.  Then Rach totally won over another waitress who happened to be in the area... so she gave Rach 2 more cards to give to Nana & Mama! LOL...
She sure knows how to charm em'

Naturally dinner was yummy. It may be a chain, but they are really good!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mothers Talk

 So today, Rachel's Pre-school had "Mother's Day Breakfast" for all us Moms... It was SO nice... They served bagels and lox, fruit cups & the most adorable little cupcakes... 

One of her teachers immediately asked if we wanted her to take our picture, and this was the first "pose" Rach wanted taken... Yes, of COURSE she melted my heart as usual!
So glad she likes to give her old Mama some good squeezy hugs.
 She was SO excited to show me what she had made me for a Mother's Day gift!  A Popsicle stick flower. Also a place mat with little colored jewels glued to it, and a card.  I was thrilled to pieces, naturally :-)
Some of the other cuties at our table... These 2 little girls are the ones Rach talks about all the time lol... 
It was such a wonderful morning!  Thanks to the staff at Temple Judea Preschool for making this such a lovely Mother's Day Celebration!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

She Came in Through Bathroom Window

If you think it's fun to give your pet a bath, try it with a feathered beast with talons that are more than 4 inches long and sharp as your favorite paring knife... OY...
 Rach was so funny... all she wanted to do was to come in and see Abbey in the tub... I think it was to be sure I wasn't letting Abbey play with any of her bath toys!

When the bath part was over, and I wrapped her up in the towel... she was the sweetest, cuddly little baby... she actually started purring like a kitten!

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