Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Angry Eyes

We've had quite the busy week! And most of it was just not much fun! Monday was Rachel's first Dr's appointment... and I had one too... apparently, I have the flu! Lucky me... so we are both on meds for a while. She got a bunch of shots and lots of appointments for more tests. She did well, despite being stuck with a bunch of needles, poor little peanut...

Tuesday we hung at home, trying to recover from a long night with no sleep. Then I remembered I had to pick up her antibiotics, so we went out for a little bit... stopped in to visit Auntie Margie & the crew... and had to ask Nikki to cut Rachel's nails... I am still scared to do it, especially since I can't see that well! Luckily, Nikki is a seasoned pro, so they got done with no bloodshed and no tears... she even got to play with her "cousin" Garrett (who just started walking! Way to Go, Mr. G... )

Oh.. and yesterday was noodle day... can you tell? I can't wait to see what happens once we add the gravy to the pasta!

Wednesday, I had a follow up Dr appointment (total waste of time... walked in, she said "oh you seem better" and I left... gee thanks!)
We then stopped at Toys R Us... I had to... I am still trying to find that blow up bathtub... well, they didn't have it either, so it looks like I am going to have to break down and drive to Babies R Us.... Anyway, tomorrow, Rachel as to be at Quest Diagnostics for all of her tests. I tried to pick up the sample collection stuff, but I didn't know the place closes at 3:30! how crazy is THAT. so I will have to go first light in the morning, and go back to sleep after, I suppose...

I'm guessing after all her tests, she will be in NO mood for shopping, so maybe we will save that for the next day. After all our running today, we went to visit Nana & Grandpa, and go out with them and their friends to the Chinese Buffet... yes, I know I swore off Chinese food until the shower, but I knew they wanted to show off the baby... it's a Grandparents right... LOL..

Hopefully, all the activity today will mean a full night of sleep tonight. One can only hope!!! (that would mean 2 days in a row of good, LONG sleep...

And now, I think it's pretty much time for ME to get some sleep... going to grab a cup of herbal tea, cuddle with the puppy and say night night to all... xoxox

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Mysty and Anthony said...

Aww.poor baby..lots of test and shots! What are they all for? Olivia didn't have all these things done...did I not do something right??? :) Well, I just have to say that everytime I look at Rachel, all I can think is, "Awww, she's so pretty!!" I love the dark hair (Olivia has light brown really) and their facial features are similiar..well a little! It's so weird, but she really is beautiful!!
Hope you are getting seem to be doing great with this mommy thing!! Isn't it awesome??!! Being a mommy is a wonderful feeling...are you ready to go back for another one yet??? HAHAHA We were ready b4 we even left China...those beautiful China girls just get your heart and hold on tight!! :)
Let us know how the tests go!! XOXOXOXO

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