Saturday, September 13, 2008

That Was Yesterday

Rachel is sleeping like a little angel, so I thought I would take a few minutes to try to update here. Yesterday was our big adventure out to Walmart. All I can say is, you have to see it to believe it. I don't think Tommy will EVER complain about going to our Walmart again. The place was wild. They had things for sale I can't even describe, because I might gag. Things I would have thought belonged in the pet department were being sold in the food dept. Scary... I will post a few pics, which honestly, I'm kinda stealing from one of the other Chen Chen gang because I forgot my camera.

One thing I have to say... we have an AWESOME bunch of families in our group. Seriously, some of the sweetest people in the world. I will try to get a bunch of pictures of each family in our group and post them later. I still feel so bad that not everyone in our group got to be a part of all the pre-travel chatter. But we are all making up for it now that we are together. So our girls all have a pretty amazing extended family!

Rachel & her "Grandma" Chen - Josephine Chen & her husband Paris are here with their son Jeff & daughter in law Laura. Rachel has totally taken to her!

Oh.. and before anyone freaks, yes we heard all about the recall on the baby formula. Several of the parents in our group started to buy that brand, but were stopped at the checkout and all tainted products were returned and exchanged. We had actually bought Nestle brand (wanted something that sounded familiar) so we were never in any danger.

Anyway, we picked up an umbrella stroller while at Wally world... not as cheap as everyone had told us it could have been, but we really didn't care anymore... we were both in too much pain trying to carry Rachel everywhere... it is already worth every penny (or Yuan... LOL)

Today we had our first siteseeing tour... we went to a Museum - it was the history of the Province museum... I will have to find out from someone what the name of it is... sorry...

Tonite, Michael (our Guide) is taking us all to an authentic Hunan Chinese restaurant. Somewhere not too far from the hotel. and tomorrow is the big Autumn Moon festival. Our Hotel (the Dolton) has been an absolute FLURRY of activity selling Mooncakes for the big event. Tomorrow night we will go to the park near the hotel to enjoy the festivities... I'm sure I'll have LOTS of pics to post of that too.

Well, I have to gather our dirty laundry now, and then upload pics... Look for more later! Oh, and BOY do we MISS THE STATES! Ok... this was a long post, but until today, I hadn't had enough time to write, so I think I made up for it now! Miss you all back at home... xoxo


Kim said...

You sound so busy! Glad you heard about the formula....I can't wait to see all your pictures. Hurry home.

Mysty and Anthony said...

YAY pictures! Thank you for posting some. Don't worry, things will slow down!! We didn't get to see the Moon Festival..don't 4get to take your camera and get some cool pics! Rachel looks so comfortable, I am so glad she's doing so well.
Yeah, the strollers are about the same as they are here, but you are sooo right..they are sooooo worth it.
Will be "RERESHING" to see your pics!! :) This is sooo I see how everyone was when we were there!! :)

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