Saturday, September 06, 2008

You've Got a Friend

You know... I left work feeling really down. I was just so hurt... But I walked out of there without anyone from my shift saying anything, and just got in my car and didn't look back. I headed off to meet my ladies group for an emergency meeting... I was the emergency! LOL.. they wanted to say bon voyage... and boy did they! I am SO grateful for the friends I have... they are so awesome... The girls gave me a beautiful gift to wear on the trip (so that I know they are with me the whole time). It is a gorgeous mother & child necklace. They made me feel SO much better!!!
So to Kim, Nancy, Donna & Rita.... I just want ALL of you to know how special you are to me.... and know that I love you all very much... Rachel is going to have some awesome aunties!!! :-) Thanks for being there... oh and Kim... NOTICE THE COLOR!!! LOL.... just for you, shopper girl!


Mysty and Anthony said...

I am so sorry that your work people didn't give you the send-off that you deserve, and you did/do deserve one, but I agree with you..the ones that matter did and that makes it even more special!!
Oh BTW...I wouldn't bother with the tub, I took one and it was a PAIN!!! Esp the blow-up one! Also, they have one there for you, atleast that's how ours was and that's what I have heard from alot of others. The hotels are used to having adoptive parents there, so they provide beds, baths and even strollers to rent. So..unless you think it's gross, I wouldn't bother with the tub..just my opinion!! :)
I again am so excited and will go crazy until you update!! Please hurry and update and get a pic as soon as possible of sweet Rachel!!
You will be in my prayers tonight and tomorrow, as you fly and on the 10th!! Take LOTS of pictures!!!
Have a WONDERFUL time and try to soak it all up!!! Did I mention I was sooo jealous???? :)

Kim said...

Jodi - of course we would do something special for you, you silly girl! We love you and are so excited for you! We wanted to make sure that you knew we were all with you on this final leg of your journey to Rachel. We've been there since the beginning - even before the beginning! I'm so pleased you enjoyed our gift. That's a really good picture you were able to get of it. Have a safe trip and remember to update your blog ASAP. I'll be sitting on pins and needles the whole time. I especially want to see a picture of you and Rachel! Love ya, girl. Have a safe trip! xoxo
P.S. Thanks for the green font color!

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