Friday, September 05, 2008

For Once in my Life

55.86 hours until we are on a plane. Even more important, 111 hours to go until we are holding our precious daughter. Wow... that is just so... I can't even describe it. After waiting 3 long years, it is just a matter of hours... I'm gonna be a mom... did I say wow?
No major events today. Went to AT&T to get a new phone for Tommy, but they didn't have any freebies (he doesn't want any bells or whistles... just a phone) so we will wait until we get back to get that for him. Then I hit Target looking for an inflatable bath tub to bring to China. They only had the big one with the giant duck head, which I did not want. Guess I'll have to run all the way out to Babies R Us for the one they have. I did pick up an inflatable "baby pool" from Target which I will take if I can't get the other one. It is really too big to fit in a bathtub, but it will do in a pinch.
Tonite is my last night at work YIIIIPPPPPEEEEE!!!!! I'm actually kinda hurt. They did nothing for my last night. Considering all the birthdays & showers I've done around here, I was kinda thinking maybe SOMETHING... but nope... not so much as a card... I sure wish I could stay home for good... Funny, but I think I told someone months ago that I didn't think anyone would do anything when I left... but in the back of my mind (or my heart), I guess I had hoped... oh well... you never know, right? Well, I won't be thinking of this place for the next 5 months...

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Our Daughter Rachel MeiLi
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