Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Don't Want to Work (I want to bang on the drum all day)

So, I'm back to the grind. I am glad I had so much time off, but it sure is tough to get back to the way things were... I forgot all my logins for work, couldn't find my headset, and really don't want to be there anyway. But we got to do what we got to do, right? Every day I see new things Rachel is doing and I'm wondering just how much I will be missing by sleeping while she is awake every day! I am so not happy... I keep playing lotto and keeping my fingers crossed! oh well... Some of the people from work seemed really glad I was back... funny how you can tell who cares and who doesn't.... of course, I told anyone who asked all about our trip in China and ALL about our dumpling! Nancy gave me the copies of the pictures from our first lunch after we came home! I will scan them soon and post the best, of course!

Glad to report mom is still on the road to recovery! She sounds a little better every day. Now she is starting to worry about the effects the chemo will have but in a way that's good... because before, she was only concentrating on the pain she was in at the moment... so to me, it means she is feeling less of THAT pain and has more time to think about what's to come. The good thing is, she is SO in love with Rachel that it is giving her something very important to look forward to.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Now that I am back to work, Valentine's day came and went without much notice. But tonight (Sunday) I am off, so we are going to a pretty good Thai restaurant for dinner. Just hope I can stay awake through the meal! I got home this morning and Rachel was ready to start her day. Well, since Tommy had to go to church, he got her up & dressed while I changed into my PJ's. Then I took over... gave her breakfast, played, watched "Jack's Big Music Show" and then she was ready for a nap.... you'd think I would be too, but unfortunately, not... I don't know why, but I couldn't fall asleep... oh well. I'll sleep eventually!

I didn't dress Rachel in anything "Valentine" yesterday, but I'll probably put her in something with hearts for tonight's dinner! In the meantime, here are some of the more recent pictures!

Friday, February 13, 2009

We finally had some good news... Mom is out of the hospital and back home. She seems to be feeling better, and hopefully that will continue! She had tests to see if her arteries were blocked again... they said that if it was 60% blocked or more she would need another surgery, but her tests came back at 59% so they said she could go home! WOOHOO! I'm sure that means later she will need more work done on the heart, but like I said, she is FEELING better now so that's a wonderful thing!

Now on the down side... tonite I have to go back to work. I am SOOOO not happy... I sure would rather stay here with my angel and take care of her and watch every new expression she makes. BUT... since lotto has not cooperated, I am stuck going back there... oh well... I'll just have to make the best of it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Mr President

So Obama is in town for a "Town Hall Meeting"... I'm waiting to hear how the locals handle the question and answer period. This should be ineresting! I also made a big decision on my OWN education plan. I was giving serious thought to signing up with a well known online university for some vocational training, but this morning decided that I will use the local community technical program instead. I'm still able to take the classes online, and just can't justify the HUGE difference in cost. So, I have an appointment next week to meet with the guidance counselor.
Wow... I'm impressed so far with some of the questions being asked! Go on guys, make Lee County look good!
So today is a stay home and clean day... Tonite my girlfriend is coming over to play with Rachel a little and then we are going to sit around watching a movie and probably make some popcorn... haven't had a night like that in a while! Sure wish it wasn't my last week to enjoy being home! I still have some hope that we will hit the lotto before Friday! LOL...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

To Sir With Love

Just finished watching Sir Paul on the Grammies... he is still SO amazing. Hard to believe he is going to be 67 years old this year! He still ROCKS... and still makes my knees weak. Yeah, I'm a Beatle junkie till the end!
Not a lot of news around here today. Tommy made an incredible pot of turkey soup with noodles AND dumplings. It was way too good and VERY filling. Gonna bring some to mom and dad tomorrow. I gotta say, my hubby is quite a good cook!

We also went to get our taxes done yesterday... gee wasn't THAT fun... LOL... actually, it wasn't too terrible. I normally do my own, which definitely would have been WAY faster, but because we had the adoption credit this year, I didn't want to take any chances, so we decided to let someone ELSE do them this time. Well, over 3 hours later, we walked out with them pretty much done. We actually applied for a refund anticipation loan but it didn't go thru correctly, so we will be getting our money the old fashioned way instead... I was kinda disappointed about that since I decided to sign up for a medical billing & coding course and wanted to pay the deposit right away with the money.. oh well... I've waited this long! We also decided we will buy a new cover for the couch to see if we can stretch it out a little longer... if that doesn't work, we will have to finally invest some of the refund on a new one. The rest, we are putting towards the loan we took out for the adoption. It won't come close to paying it off, but it will make a little dent, at least!

So I'm starting my last week of staying home. Friday I have to go back to work. No, I am NOT looking forward to it... Yes, I AM sick to my stomach about it... but unless I hit that damn lotto, this is my only current option...

Friday, February 06, 2009

Goodbye Yellowbrick Rd

This afternoon as I was returning from my mom's Oncologist appointment, I got a call from Margie... after a long, hard struggle, her mom finally passed away this afternoon. She held on long enough for her kids to arrive to say goodbye. I am so glad I was able to bring Rachel there for a final goodbye the other day. Joy was a sweet, wonderful lady. She will be missed.

As for MY mom, well the oncologist went over the plan for treatment. In about 3 weeks, mom will begin chemotherapy, every 2 weeks for about 6 months. The Dr said that this particular type of chemo seems to be tolerable for most patients. Mom was especially glad to hear that most people do not lose their hair with this type either!

Oh, and we also received the report from the social worker for our 6 month post placement inspection. The SW also called to tell me to throw away the first page because she made a minor mistake and she will be sending out a new copy immediately. I decided to hold on to it until I get the new one... not taking any chances!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Young at Heart

Yesterday was a pretty rough day. Rachel and I went to Hope Hospice to see Momma Joy... Margie's mom. All she wanted to do was to have Rachel sit next to her on the bed. She stroked Rachel's hair and kept telling me how happy she was that we finally got our little girl. I took a picture of her with Rachel, and then the stupid battery on my camera ran out... I was really glad she finally got to meet Rach in person.

Today Margie called to tell me that it was almost over... They were just hoping Joy would hold on until Margie's brother could arrive. So sad... but Joy said she was ready to go... and Margie is actually taking it much better now. I wish there was more I could do for her...

This morning I had someone come over so I could do their taxes. (one of our little adoption fundraisers). Other than that, just sitting vigil by the phone... not a fun thing to do!

I think tonite I might make oatmeal raisin cookies... if I can find some dried cranberries to add... I love those...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Shuffle

So today is Super Bowl Sunday... big whoop... LOL... We are not really a "football family" so it's not such a big deal, but we are still going to have Margie & Charlie over and Tommy is going to cook a Wild Hog leg we had in the freezer. Margie's son-in-law had given it to us a while back. We actually had no idea what it was until we thawed it out, but it looks pretty good. Hoping it tastes good too!

We went to my parents yesterday so mom could see Rachel. She had a great time over there, especially staring up at the ceiling fan! She was talking away at it. Funny, since she has one in her room too, but she liked Nana's better, I guess. My folks gave her a funny little plastic fishy that swims in the bathtub. She got a good giggle out of that too. I still say Rachel is the best medicine my mom could have!

This morning I already did a couple of loads of laundry, a load of dishes, vacuumed the whole house, and cleaned out my purse (I was stashing so many receipts in there, I couldn't find my cash, what little I keep). I decided it was time to take a break to check the computer, because my friend Trish is in China getting her daughter as I write this, and I was dying to see how it was going! Well, I just read it and she finally has her little Taylor in her arms! I got all emotional reading her blog about meeting her for the first time. It was so touching! I'm so very happy for their family!

Well, here are some random fun photos to end January... My little cutie is growing like a weed, so I want to get all the pictures in that I can!

Daddy is the best chair in the house, as far as Rachel & Penny are concerned!

This is the result of a 2 hour visit at Nana & Grandpa's house! We were barely out of the driveway when she konked out.

She sure loves to sleep in that car seat!

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