Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome to Wally World East

So it is official. We are now Rachel's mommy and daddy forever. Yesterday was the big "ceremony" at the civil affairs office. It mostly involved a lot of paperwork. They asked us what we did for a living, how much we earn, and did we promise to never abandon or abuse her. We signed all the papers, got our family picture done, got her foot print on form... and sweat like a bunch of hounds. That civil affairs office building is like a sauna... anyway when it was all done, we went back to the hotel, and tried to relax. Later on, we had a really terrific dinner at the Chinese restaurant here at the hotel. and incredibly inexpensive too. we will definitely be going back there.

After dinner, we walked around the neighborhood with Sophie, Gary & Zia. It was really a beautiful night. Unfortunately, my back was KILLING me and so we had to end it much sooner than everyone else would have wanted.

Then it was time for bed. Went to sleep around 9:30 or so. but it's been a bit of a rough night... Rachel is not feeling well and has had us up most of the night... Could be either teething or an ear infection... not entirely sure which yet. I may start her on the antibiotics today. Going to talk to Shazia (she's in our group - and a pharmasist) to see what she thinks and to get her help to make sure I don't screw up mixing this stuff!

Today is our big shopping day at Walmart. Can't wait.. gotta get the umbrella stroller. It's been kinda rough carrying her around all the time. I am going to try to weigh her today.
She eats like a truck driver... She loves to eat. Thats been a good thing, since at least we know that as crummy as she feels, she is still eating!

That's about it for now... no new pics yet since we went to bed right away yesterday, but I will try to post more later...
xoxoxox to everyone and wish us luck that she gets over this cold! Daddy is out walking the halls with her now so mommy can take a shower! LOL


Mysty and Anthony said...

Jodi, I meant to tell you that ALL the girls from ChenZhou have been known to come with a runny nose, some with fever and all the other things you are talking about. We were told to give them cold medicine every 4-6 hours. We all thought it could be ear infections but when we went to the Dr. they were all clear of that (so they say :) Anyway...The eating thing blows my mind....all those girls eat so well, like they aren't going to eat again for days...kinda sad, but after a year, Olivia is finally tapering off!
Thank you so much for the updates..Can't wait to see more pictures and hear what you are doing!!

Kim said...

I'm dying for more pictures! I'm so glad things are going smoothly for you. Don't forget you have a sling you can use for carrying her, too! Daddy can use it too ( might be a little small). I hope she starts feeling better soon. Give everyone kisses. Missing you lots and wishing you were coming home sooner!

Trish said...

Sounds like you are having a great time, we are counting down our weeks till we get over there too! Please post pictures!!!!!!!!! Lots of hugs, Trish

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