Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Girls On The Beach

So we decided it was a great day to go to the beach with my folks. I was going to try to catch a little nap before we went, since I only got about an hour after coming home from work, but that wasn't quite in the cards.. oh well...
So we got the munchkin up a little early from her nap, dressed her in one of her cutie swimsuits, and headed to Ft Myers Beach. It was gorgeous out... not too hot, a little breezy, just beautiful. The area of the beach where my parents like to go is pretty cool, because they have bathrooms, showers, etc. So we bring a change of clothes and we can go out for dinner after lounging in the sand!
Rachel had a BLAST. She loves the water, and seems to be a little like her mama... she tolerates the sand. Barely. Every few minutes after playing with the shovel & bucket she would come to me to wipe the sand off her hands!
We had lots of fun playing with the shells, digging in the sand, and of course, playing in the WATER!
Rachel didn't even seem to mind getting that salt water in her mouth! As long as she was getting wet, she was happy!

We didn't stay that long on the beach, just because we knew we were going to have to get ready for dinner. So when Rach started showing a few signs of being tired, it was definitely time to get out of the water & head to the restaurant! We were on our way to Anthony's on the Gulf... another of our favorite restaurants. The food was out of this world, as usual! And thankfully they are in the Entertainment Book! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Night Fever

Yes, once again, I've been a total slacker about updating this blog... I'm really trying. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to bring our computers to work anymore, and I'm always so tired when I'm home. I'm hoping that soon I'll start feeling better, but since the stupid neck surgery, I've just been feeling pretty crummy...

Ok, enough of the whining... on to the blog!
Yesterday after physical therapy, I ran over to the consignment shop. Seems our little munchkin has gone from a size 4 shoe to size 6 shoe overnight! So I picked her up a few pairs of size 6 & size 7, just in case! I also got her an adorable halloween costume. I didn't want to spend a fortune, since she really has no clue about halloween just yet... glad I found what I did. I think it's the cutest! Today I tried it on her to make sure I did ok size wise! From the grin on her face, I think she liked it... and after I was done taking pictures, I tried to take it off her and she was NOT happy!

After the pumpkin suit, she decided it was time to play with the baby powder... every night when I change her for bed, I let her put some powder on her hands and she wipes it all over her legs & tummy. Today she decided her feet needed powder too!

She then decided she needed to wear socks for the rest of the evening... Yes, I took them off before she went to sleep!

She also seem to have this obsession with her thermometer... she likes to try to take her own temperature! Nope, no fever!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't Rock the Boat

Once a month, I get together with a group of ladies for some good company and good conversation. We call ourselves M O M - Meeting of the Minds! Well, this past Saturday, our regularly scheduled breakfast was pleasantly altered. Nancy put on her Admiral's hat, and took us all out on the boat! We went from her house to the little restaurant we always go to for breakfast... it was absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I hadn't been on a boat in I can't remember how long... The weather was perfect, the company the best, and I even managed to stay awake for the whole trip!

We had such an incredible time that we decided to do it all over again next month! But we are going to change things up a bit... picking up bagels, donut holes, etc and gonna park the boat by the yacht club and eat there instead of at the restaurant... We had to make a 2nd date since one of our group couldn't make it this time... and it's just not the same unless we are all there!
After coming home, Tommy took the baby to my mom's when he left to go work his part time job... that way I could sleep... So I got in a couple of hours before we headed over to my folks for dinner & to pick up the munchkin...
Today was a great relaxing day for me... slept for an hour when I got home, then had to be up with the baby till Tommy came home... then I was back to sleep for a few hours...
Now just watching Yankee's baseball and playing on the computer till bed time... I love Sundays...

Monday, October 05, 2009

Along Came a Spider

What a fantastic Sunday we had! Since we have been home from China, Tommy & I really haven't had a night out all by ourselves. We aren't complaining, but it was really nice, having a grown up night out! Especially since it almost didn't happen!
For the past couple of weeks, I had tried to get tickets to go see Alice Cooper doing his latest Theatre of Death show right here in Ft Myers! Every time I went online to the theatre box office, it gave another lame excuse for not being able to buy them...
Then we just gave up. Until yesterday. Tommy decided to drop by the box office on his way home and see what kind of seats they might have available since the show was the same day!

Well, as you can see from our pictures, we got some AWESOME seats for our first night out in forever! We went to dinner with my folks, and when we were done, they took Rach to their house and we headed out to the BB Mann Theatre! Got there in plenty of time... actually, I think we got there a little too early... we could have easily missed the opening act...

But then, the star of the Theatre of Death landed on the stage... all I could say was... WOW.... He looked as good as ever, and sounded... well, Incredible!!! He did a few numbers from his latest album, but I was especially excited because he did so many numbers from my favorite album of his, Welcome to my Nightmare...
It was a terrific show. And he was "killed" 4 times during the night, including the always fun Guillotine!

When the show was over, we actually contemplated hanging around the tour bus... ah... if it were only 10 years ago... and not raining... and we weren't so tired... and didn't have to go pick up the baby... and... Boy, we are old! LOL... But not too old to rock out with Alice... How cool.

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