Sunday, September 07, 2008

Eight Miles High

Today I tested Skype with Marla & Kim. This is going to be SO cool... it worked really great with Kim and pretty well with Marla... I think that one was because of her camera... but she is actually going to buy a new web cam...
I'm just about done packing. really all that is left is the carry on stuff. That and what my girlfriend Lorie brought me today. She came over with her sister and her 2 gorgeous little girls. She adopted them both from China too. They were absolutely adorable!!! Anyway, she brought stuff for us to take on the trip, so I have to get that into the bags. Then Margie & Charlie came over for a last minute goodbye and final instructions for all the stuff they need to know about the house. They are staying here while we are gone. They also brought Rachel the cutest little cup with her name on it! Beautiful bright colors... YEAH...
I spent most of today on the phone! everyone calling to say bon voyage... it was not what I intended, since I had so much cleaning up to do... but I decided I will continue working throughout the evening, and whatever I don't get to I will just dump into a garbage bag and it will wait till we get home!
Right now I'm going to print out our boarding passes for tomorrow's flights. then I have to pack up the laptop and start getting the last minute stuff done. Tommy just left to get Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.. Forgot to tell him what I wanted! I sure hope he remembers I don't do legs...
Ok, so this should be the last post probably until we get to China, but if there is time I may post tomorrow from Newark... we'll see.
Wow... it's really happening! YIPPEE


Mysty and Anthony said...

YAY!!! you are hours away from being on your way to Rachel!! I will say prayers for you and be thinking of you on Wednesday (our Tuesday I guess) and can't wait to see pics. Really, enjoy your time there and cherish all the memories...again, take lots of pics and post as much as you can..we are all here ready to see and hear about you and the adjustment and absolutely PERFECT Rachel is for your family!! SOOOOOOO excited!!!

Prayers sent to you!!!!

Kim said...

As you can see, I am already obsessively checking your blog, getting in practice for the next couple of weeks. Using Skype today was very cool. After today, I'll highly recommend it to everyone.

Oh my gosh -- I am so excited for you!! I can't wait to see pics!!!

Have a safe journey!

Trish said...

I can't wait!!!!!! Hurry up and post pics as soon as you get them!!!!

Lots of hugs, Trish

Kim said...

Are you there yet? Are you there yet? I'm dying here. Gimme an update. Anything. Throw us a crumb, please. It is 9:10am on Tuesday morning, which makes it 9:10pm where you are. OMG! Less than 18 hours to go. I'm sitting on pins and needles!!

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