Saturday, September 18, 2010

Islands of Adventure

Last week I won tickets to either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure from a local radio station. We decided to go this weekend and we had SUCH an amazing time!  With all the problems with my back & legs, we thought the best way to go was to rent a wheelchair for me.  Tommy was great about pushing me & Rach around...
We all went on many of the rides with her (lucky she is too little for the rough & tumble kind of rides!) But of all the things she went on, her absolute favorite thing was meeting The Cat in the Hat!!!
We were only in the park for a few hours, which really was more than enough!  We had a great time, and it gave us a little insight into how she will LOVE whenever we are able to take her to Disney!!
After all the fun of the park, it was time to grab some dinner.  We wandered around the City Walk area, and finally decided to treat Rach to her all-time favorite food...


Friday, September 17, 2010

Bed of Roses

Today was another big day for our little munchkin... we finally took the front rail off her crib and turned it into a daybed!  WOOHOO!!!  She's growing up so fast!  Next step is to turn it into a regular full size bed, but since we will have to buy her a new mattress for that, it will be a while... we are still trying to buy a new mattress for OUR bed! Her first time in the Big-Girl bed went pretty well... she did end up falling out of the bed, but only after she was mostly awake... she took the blanket with her and just laid on the floor for a bit before she started calling out for me... I don't think she realized she could actually get up and walk out of the room without help!
After her nap, we had Margie & Charlie over for dinner & pool time.  Margie made a big fuss over the Big-Girl bed too... so that sure helped!   So, this week she has been telling us at night when she has to go potty, AND she got a Big-Girl Bed!  How cool!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Know My Name

Today was an incredible day for our family.  We finally had Rachel's naming ceremony at the Temple.  What a great day!  We all filed into the main office of Temple Beth-El to wait for the Rabbi.  Mom made the arrangements last week, so it was relatively short notice.  Still, we managed to have a nice little group there... Tommy & I of course, my parents, our dear friend Margie, and family friends Ruth & Dick.  Not a huge crowd, but just enough and just the right ones! 
Our first "hold your breath" moment came when the Rabbi came out looking rather confused.  Turns out they were not expecting us to actually DO the naming today... they thought we were coming to PLAN the naming!  Luckily, he was VERY nice and said that since we were all there already, he would just go ahead and do the ceremony now!  Thank goodness!  He did a beautiful job, especially considering the short notice!

Just before the ceremony, we presented Rachel with a beautiful gift from her Nana & Papa and Nana's dear old friend Ida.  Ida sent Rach a gorgeous Star of David.  It was hers as a little girl and we were SO honored to have it.  Nana & Papa added the chain, and Rachel wore the beautiful set for the ceremony!

     We also talked to the Rabbi about eventually joining the Temple.  Since they have a pre-school, it looks like we will become members.  Especially seeing how NICE they all were to us!

Rachel really seemed to like Rabbi Barras too!  She shook his hand and said "Thank you, Rabbi" before we left.  She was SO cute!

     After the ceremony, we all headed to Perkins for a little bite to eat.  All in all, it was a really wonderful day!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Family

It's so hard to believe it, but it's true... it was 2 years ago today that we stood in that sticky hot room at the Civil Affairs office in Changsha China... my arms aching to hold the beautiful baby girl that was now and forever to be my daughter...
When we arrived, this was what it looked like as we walked in... all the nannies holding all those beautiful babies by the window... and all us over-anxious parents, trying to figure out which one belonged to whom!

It was our turn to receive our beautiful little Rachel.  She actually held her arms out to me right away and I never cried & laughed so much at the same time in my life... She was perfect!

She looked so different from the pictures we had received 2 months earlier!
Today, she is still gorgeous... growing beyond belief, and so bright it's frightening! LOL... we could not be happier to have this brilliant shining light in our lives...

Her Nana & Papa can't get enough of her either!!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Cut My Hair

I know, I know... been forever since I posted... I'm actually going to go back and fill in some of the missing bits later, but today was a pretty big day...
Today Rachel had her first PROFESSIONAL haircut!  I'd been trimming her bangs forever (ALWAYS crooked) but we had never EVER cut any of the length... it was a big day, and of course I video taped the whole event.  I've got some editing to do on that and I'll send it out eventually.. lol... but here are some still shots in the meantime!
        Doesnt she look THRILLED?
She didn't cry, she didn't scream, but she was a little
on the pouty side... She cracked a little grin after I gave her a toy or 2 to hold...

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Our Daughter Rachel MeiLi
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