Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bird of Beauty

Today we went to the Embroidery & Silk Museum. It was amazing. We went into the work area to watch the woman making the embroidered pieces. I was in awe of their workmanship. We picked up a couple of things mainly because it is specific to Rachel's province... it will be a beautiful keepsake for her later...

After coming back to the hotel, it was time for a little play before nap...


Kim said...

What a beautiful baby! The pictures of the embroidery factory are really neat! Do they do all that by hand???? Wow.
Kisses to everyone.

Mysty and Anthony said...

We also got one big one of the embroidery items..but we got one for every couple in our family too so they could have a touch of Olivia's province! They are awesome and all done by hand..awesome!
I just can't believe how content Rachel is...she is never crying (although I am sure you wouldn't put those on here:) but she looks so happy! Olivia was also like that, so I think we can attribute alot of that to the orphanage..I think they are just very happy and well loved and taken care of babies in that orphanage!! THANK GOD!!! You are doing an amzing job with her for her to always be that happy! You can already tell she belongs to you and LOVES that she is! I know you are still on cloud 9 and I am so happy for you! Are you sleeping well? HOw hot is it?? Well, thanks for the pics! I LOVE looking at them. I just look at them about 5 times a day and smile!!!STAY WELL!!! Can't wait til next post!!!

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