Friday, September 05, 2008

Psycho Killer - Qu'est-ce que c'est?

I am starting to firmly believe in the old adage "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger..."
Today was hell... got a call at noon from our credit union. I was expecting their call because today was when my new money was going to be delivered so they were calling me to pick it up... or so I thought... but NO... instead they are calling me to tell me that despite all the promises and assurances they gave me not 2 days ago, they could NOT get the new money... I blew my top... I got hysterical... I cried, screamed, cried some more... and all they said was "sorry". So I called the main HQ in Tampa... freaked out some more on the phone with them... told them it was doubly aggravating having to listen to their message on hold, which kept repeating how much they value their members and value our trust... yeah right... ok, so I call my girlfriend Kim... my savior... I'm hysterical crying to her on the phone... I asked her to take the end of the alphabet and I had already started the beginning and we would meet in the middle and call every freakin bank in the county until I got enough new bills... well, she stops me and says her mom works at a credit union up in Punta Gorda... SO... she calls her mom, they have new bills, we are taking a road trip to PG... so I go to my credit union branch on Santa Barbara (because if I go into the one on Del Prado, I would do some serious physical harm to them) and I'm going to withdraw $6000 to take up to Punta Gorda... while I'm in line, my phone rings... its the main office in Tampa... they found new bills for me but they are not at the Del Prado branch... they are in the Santa Barbara branch! I tell her I'm standing in the Santa Barbara branch... she tells me to ask for Joanne.. so I do... they have my money in an envelope in the back... all in new bills, no marks, no folds... just like I need. So I call my girlfriend and tell her the road trip is off... and now I need Valium!!!! or ice cream... LOL... Nothing like a little excitement/aggravation to start my day!
BUT... we did get some GOOD news... we got an updated itinerary from the agency... seems we are NOT going to get our daughter on the 11th... we are actually getting her on the 10th!!! the same day we arrive in Changsha!!!
We get in around 11am, go to the hotel, unload, and have to be at the civil affairs office at 3:30pm!!!! WOOHOO!


Mysty and Anthony said...

OMG!!!! Agreed, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!!I can't believe you went through all of that, but..atleast the bank kept their promise!!! I am so glad they had your money..that was a pain for me too, but I told you it would all be ok, right?? It just took the long way around!!
I am sooo jealous. We had to wait THREE days and go see all these sites, that I could care less about except the Great Wall, and have my stomach in knots and all that jazz and you barely get to take one breath and then go get her!! You are sooo lucky!! I am so excited for my stomach is jumping!! UGGHH I really hope we can do this again and I can feel all these emotions for myself again. I mean really, I don't even know you and I am almost as excited for you as I was for myself!!! Really, congratulations...oh I am elated for you!! Thanks for the updates, I read them everyday!! Hope you are getting some sleep and accomplishing what you need to! I pray the hurricanes stay away and if they don't completely, then atleast until you are WAY on your way to China...don't worry about your stuff, animals yeah, but everything else can be replaced, just FIVE days you will be holding your daughter!!! YAY!!!

Kim said...

Jodi - I am SO happy that the bank finally pulled their heads out of their butts and was able to get you the money. I'll admit, I was looking forward to a little road trip with you, but in the end it all turned out just like it was supposed to. Just a little bump in the road. And now - you get Rachel a whole day earlier!!! How exciting. That almost cancels out the panic of the bank snafu, huh?

Don't forget to post pictures for those us waiting at home IMMEDIATELY! We'll all be refreshing your blog constantly waiting for updates.

I am so excited for you I just want to dance a little jig.

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