Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Funny How Time Flies

Today was the run to the bank to get a cashier's check for our agency. Then to the post office to get it out Priority mail... we had to get our in-china flight fees paid by Thursday...
So while I was at the bank, had a minor panic attack when they told me they are HOPING to get our money in by Thursday (the brand new bills we have to take for all the China expenses - like the orphanage donation, etc... ) She PROMISED me they would have it and I did not have to be nervous... she told me to have faith... these days, that is easier said than done! I told her she's literally got my life in her hands! We'll see what happens...
I still have WAY too much to do before Monday. I was running way far behind today (forgot Tommy had started to clean Fred's tank and when I came home from the bank run I realized he was still in the bathtub and the tank was still 1/4 full of cruddy water! had to finish that before I could take my nap!) and since I was running so late, had to cancel having dad do my hair... well, he will do it tomorrow instead.
Still have to finish packing Tommy's clothes - he promised to have them all laid out for me for tomorrow. Not to mention digging thru the mountain of JUNK on the dining room table. OY... I'm tired~! LOL.

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Mysty and Anthony said...

WOW!! Now you've got me feeling tired!! It'll all get done..don't worry and just have a LLOOONNNGGG plane ride, you can rest then!!! HAHAHA
I'm Counting down the days..I know you are!!!
Good luck with everything and don't worry about the money, it'll be fine..I worried about that for nothing! Well, ready to see your next entry to see what you have done!! :)

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