Saturday, September 20, 2008

How Do You Sleep

I know, I've been bad. I'm sorry I have not posted in a couple of days. But we finally were paroled from Changsha and yesterday we arrived in Guangzhou. What a world of difference! This place reminds me of an old European city. It's beautiful... gorgeous gardens, old world architecture. Very VERY big difference from Changsha.
The rest of the group is staying at the White Swan, however we opted to stay at the Victory. To be honest, I really LOVE the lobby area of the White Swan, but I am still really glad we chose to stay here. The rooms are very comfortable, and the beds... all I can say is, last night was the best nights sleep we have had since arriving in China. We got a business suite, and it is quite large. There is a separate sitting area with a couch and chair, plus plenty of room for Rachel to use it as a playroom. Plus, our Internet is free, and there is a special filtered water spout in the bathroom that is safe to drink!!! That is probably our favorite part. No more lugging bottles of water from the store!

Today we went to the Chen family temple. It was very pretty. Again, lots of gardens and also of course, lots of shops. We bought this really cool instrument. It's kind of like a clarinet, but its not. Then when we got back to the island, I ended up buying a flute instrument too. They are both very cool and sounds great, when we get them playing correctly! I'm doing the flute and Tommy is doing the other thing...

After we went to the temple, we went to a market place. I picked up a few nice things in Jade for my mom & Marla. I also got a string of pearls for when Rachel is MUCH older. Then we came back to the island. We had another little shopping excursion this afternoon, where I picked up a few more things. I wanted to get her a couple of traditional Chinese outfits. I got her a beautiful little dress that will fit her now, and then I got her a cute pants set for when she is a few years older.

I will not be buying much more. Today we also bought another suitcase so that we can bring it all home!! Right now, Rachel has just fallen asleep on Tommy's chest. She loves her daddy.
We will be heading to bed soon. Tomorrow will be another busy day. We were supposed to go to a park, but instead, we are going to the ZOO! That was actually my idea and since everyone was up for it, they changed the plan for the day. I can't wait. Just hope they have Panda's!

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The Langley 6 said...

I know that I was so ready to come home about now! I was like...ok, we have everything we need, can we just go now!!!! Are you feeling that way?? Have you been sleeping better? I loved was, besides Hong Kong, my favorite place! I am with you on your feelings of the white swan! Pretty, but liked my hotel (and the price) better! Well, thank you for all the pics...and the other babies..they are all sooo pretty!! Waiting to see more!! Have a great last few days!

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