Friday, April 27, 2012

Space Oddity

 Rachel has become almost obsessed with the solar system lately... so I got on Amazon, and found a great little model for her. It was listed for ages 8 and over, so I did the painting, but she put most of it together herself!  Totally amazed me, because she knew most of the planets by location!  I had to keep looking at the names on the bar!

these are just some random pics from the past week... Our Penny Pupppy looking cute & cuddly as usual... Rach picked up a Princess ball & bat at a local yard sale, so she was having a blast playing baseball!

 Trying on some silly outfits just for the fun of it.  Sometimes, ya just gotta have a little goofiness in life, right?

She's our little shining star!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

East at Easter

 So the Easter Bunny landed at our house... and it appears he is a MAJOR chocoholic!!  Ok, so it's her Daddy that provided what appears to be a lifetime supply of chocolate! Of course, that's because he plans on helping her with the challenge of emptying that basket!

After indulging in just a FEW pieces of candy, it was time to get ready for a lovely dinner at Ariani's Restaurant with Nana, Papa & "Luna Linda & Tony Baloney"...

 "Mama, PLEASE can we go eat spaghetti now"

 I love that in the sunlight you can see just how brown her hair is!  My beautiful little girl...
Finally got to the restaurant! So glad to see Nana & Papa!  Once again, taking her to a nice restaurant was not even remotely difficult!  We had a few people comment to us about what a pleasure it was to see such a well behaved little girl!  Yeah, we were totally thrilled & proud of our special young lady! 

 It's really hard to see in the picture, but this was a wonderful "self portrait" on a napkin... done by the owner/Chef at the restaurant.  Chef Dario fell under Rachel's spell and came over to our table to introduce himself.  He had our waiter bring him a new napkin, and proceeded to draw a terrific picture for Rach.  She was SO excited about it!

 It was still really nice out when we left the restaurant. As soon as we got outside, Rach asked if we could take some pictures at the flower fountain... so how could we possibly say no?
Our Happy Family 
Easter Sunday 2012

Friday, April 06, 2012

Ma Nishtana

 Another wonderful tradition continues... Passover at Auntie Ruth & Uncle Dick's house!  It was, of course, another fantastic night of wonderful friends and FANTASTIC food!

She also practiced all morning and when the time came, she even asked the 4 questions!  Ma Nishtana!!
 And for a change, Mama actually gets in on a few pictures!  (Since I'm normally the photographer, I almost never get any pictures with my beautiful girl)
 She TOTALLY adores her Auntie Ruth!
 Nana & Papa are enjoying the awesome food
We don't know what the attraction is, but every time we go to Auntie Ruth's house, Rach gets a hold of the pretty coasters that have pictures of different areas in Spain.  Here, she is explaining the game to Papa

And a little cuddle time with Nana of course! 

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Our Daughter Rachel MeiLi
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