Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wonderful Christmastime

Once again, the holidays are upon us.  This year was a little tough, considering my back surgery and not being able to do what I normally would have wanted to, but we still managed to make it a special time for our little munchkin!
Our family portrait for 2010... Too bad we couldn't use THIS shot for our holiday cards this year! Would have been SO nice!  Thanks, as usual to our favorite photographer Margie!

Margie & Charlie spent Christmas Eve with us at my parents party. It is always so nice sharing the holidays with friends & family you love!

Even with all the stuff they've had to deal with this year, Mom & Dad went above and beyond as always.  The house is beautifully decorated, and the food was outstanding as usual!

Mom's chemo has taken it's toll, but she looked terrific in her cute reindeer sweatshirt!

Dad was wearing the very appropriate "Bah Humbug" sweatshirt... lol...
 Santa was VERY good to a certain little girl!  He left a wonderful new bicycle at Nana & Papa's house just for her!  She sure must have been good this year!
So despite the fact that things were a little tight for us all, obviously Rachel did not notice a difference!  Here she is demonstrating her ability to be a game show hostess! LOL

 And the gifts just keep on coming!  She had so many neat packages to open!
 Even Penny got to open a package from Nana & Papa!!  With a little help from Daddy, of course!

You can even see the smile on her face!  Now we have to make sure she doesn't eat any of Rachel's fake food!

 Rachel loved all of her gifts, but there were some obvious favorites... Naturally, her bicycle, her dancing Frosty the Snowman, the box of food to go with the kitchen we got her, and this really cool play tent!

Since Hanukkah fell so early this year, we were actually up north to celebrate that one. We brought our own little Menorah with us on the trip, so we lit our candles by ourselves when we had to, but we also lit them with friends when we were able to!
All in all, this holiday season was full of good memories and we are so glad we were able to share them with so many people. 
Happy Holidays to all our friends and family from all of us!!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

New York New York

We had an awesome day today. Woke up early, got ourselves up and moving, and headed out for a day of sightseeing!  Margie's first trip to NYC was going to be a memorable one if I had something to say about it!

Our first stop was Liberty Island, to see the lady with the lamp... She sure is a grand sight to see!  I didn't get great pics of her, but I think Margie did, so I will add one of her pics here later... we saw some beautiful sights from the park, including the historic train station and the amazing view of Manhattan!

 This is the train station where all the immigrants would head off to their respective parts of the country.  The signs are still up pointing the way to the various stations!

 Next stop, Carnegie Deli!!!  The sandwiches there are MASSIVE and we had LOTS of leftovers! Rachel loved the Matzo Ball Soup, and she also enjoyed the Corned Beef. 
 Margie may have been a bit overwhelmed by the size of her sandwich... ok, so she was more taken in by the size of TOMMY'S sandwich!!!  It was big enough to feed all of us TWICE... at least I would have thought so...
 Here is MY sandwich.  I got Corned Beef & Pastrami on Rye. 4 days worth of meat packed in there... but it was OH so yummy!!!
 We all stared in amazement at this sight.  Tommy actually FINISHED his whole sandwich!!  OMG, we couldn't believe it!  I never would have thought it possible!!!  Even the people at the next table were floored! LOL...

Macy's Window - "Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus"

 Rachel's favorite part of the day... the tree and the skating rink at Rockefeller Center!
I think next time we are here in the winter, we will have to rent her some skates and let her have at it!  She really had a blast watching, but I know she would like it SO much more to skate herself!

 The store was closing, so they weren't letting anyone else in, but Margie got the "guard" to take a picture with her in front of FAO Schwartz!  Too bad Rach was asleep in the car already! Actually, probably a GOOD thing... she would have wanted to go in the store for sure!
 Every year, whenever we come up to NY, I feel compelled to go to Central Park & visit Strawberry Fields. It's still so hard to believe it's been 30 years already.  R.I.P. John Lennon... forever in our hearts!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

(You Say it's Your) Birthday

My little princess is THREE YEARS OLD TODAY!!!  Time sure is flying by!  I felt really bad because we are on the road for her birthday this year, so she's not really getting a birthday party.  But then I realized, she's actually having SEVERAL birthday celebrations! 
Today is her actual birthday, and we are at our friends Brian & Debbie's house.  Rach LOVES it here, especially because she gets to play with their dog, Roscoe! 

The fireplace added such a lovely feel to the evening.  I miss that too... we used to have a beautiful fireplace at my parents house in NJ
 And Rach was happy to be wearing her Reindeer PJ's!
 Here is the first of many of Rachel's 3rd Birthday cakes!  It was a very yummy little cake!  Especially after having yummy Lasagna for dinner!! 

 Our wonderful friends, Brian & Debbie. They never fail to open their home to us whenever we come to NJ.  They are SO sweet! 
 Popeye eating cake?  LOL... she loved it, and especially enjoyed reading her Dora book while she munched away on sweet cake!
Don't these two look like they are trying to talk their way out of trouble?  Haha.... That's her buddy Roscoe, looking all sorts of cute!  They sure got along great!
We had a fantastic (but short) visit with Brian, Debbie & Roscoe. 
It was a really nice way to spend Rachel's 3rd birthday.  That was her first 3rd birthday... on to the 2nd third birthday next!

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