Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gotta Travel On

FINALLY... we got our itinerary Saturday evening. PHEW... I was really starting to get nervous... looks like we will be seeing lots of Parks while we are in Changsha. I also realize our agency is clueless about discount flying! They are charging us $210 per person to go from the Hunan Province to Guangzhou. I found flights online for $80 a piece... but the rest of the itinerary isn't too bad... I sure am glad I booked my own hotel in Guangzhou...

I have SO much to get done before we leave... only 8 more days!!! after I wake up today I'm going to pack all the things I plan on taking... I know I will unpack and repack a few times before we actually go, but I need to get started now so I can clear it all off the floor of the nursery! Then I'm going to paint the ceiling in there. I'm just going to paint the sky and leave the clouds for when we get home. At least then Charlie can put up the ceiling fan while we are gone. I also have a TON of cleaning/organizing/etc to get done. I started doing some of it Saturday afternoon when I should have been sleeping.. :-)
This weekend I am going to test out Skype with Marla... then on Tuesday after dad does my hair I'll show mom how to use it. I'm also bringing her a headset with a mic attached. Not sure if she'll use it since dad will want to be in on the calls too, but just in case it's too hard to hear without it, I want them to be prepared!

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Mysty and Anthony said...

ONE WEEK!!!! can you believe it? I told you the time would fly by!! I am SOOOOO excited for you..I wish I could go with you...I can't tell you how excited I am that you will be holding Rachel in your arms in such a short time now!! Another beautiful ChenZhou girl in America!! Can't wait to see how much she has changed too...normally it's pretty big! Well, I will wait for more of your posts and see how you are feeling this last week without a little girl!! :) SOOOOO exciting!!!

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