Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday...

I actually managed to get all the onesies tye dyed today. I'm making them for our travel group. We are going to put all our babies in their tye dye onesies and take a group picture while we are in Changsha... I'll bet it will be a cute shot!

I have also been watching the Olympics. I am still disappointed that we are not going to Beijing, but with all the craziness over there, I'm not as upset as I was before.
I'm hoping that tomorrow will finally bring our CA's... we have waited so long... and all we need now is a date... WHEN DO WE GET TO LEAVE?????


KnockonWood said...

Jodi, I love the tye-dye onezies, VERY CUTE!! I am also disappointed we will not be going to Beijing as well. Initially, I did not have much of a desire to got becasue we have already been there, but after seeing all the coverage I am thinking I want to go back. I hope you are sleeping well.
patricia wood
a 23rder

Mysty and Anthony said...

Man...I look on here everyday to see if TA's have come in. :) I know you are really bummed, but it's coming soon, I promise! Sat is a year from the date that we left. I can't believe that next Wed. we have had our Olivia for a year!! The wait is hard, but oh the reward. I will keep looking so I can be excited with you for the time that you will leave!!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow! :)

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