Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where is Felix Unger when I need Him?

I have been cleaning most of the day already, and I don't think I've done more than the kitchen!!! Just scrubbing down everything I can, including under the microwave... I found 4 mini marshmallows under there... I don't think I've used them since last Thanksgiving! how did they get under the microwave?
Tommy is outside FINALLY clearing out the veggie garden. I want to get some of my winter crops in before we leave for China. I'd rather get them in a little early than late like last year... My brocolli didn't do nearly as well and this year I'm gonna try snow peas and maybe parsnips. hopefully the cabbage will do lots better this year too..
Yesterday my girlfriend notarized the Immunization form we have to take to China. So naturally, as I'm walking in the house juggling everything in my hands, including the forms and my breakfast leftovers, Penny jumps up at me, almost knocked me to the ground, dumped everything out of my hands INCLUDING the leftovers and the newly notarized forms... which naturally landed UNDER the leftovers... Needless to say, they are no unusable... So, waiting to hear back from my friend Rita to see when I can meet her so she can notarize ANOTHER copy of the stupid form.... what joy, what fun.... LOL

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Kim said...

Who is Felix Unger? Is this a name I should know?

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