Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Long & Winding Road....

I can't believe it.. but it is finally happening! We GOT OUR CA!!!! it only took FOREVER... and unfortunately, it came too late for 2 of the families in our travel group. Great Wall TOTALLY dropped the ball on this one... we are just praying that somehow, someway, GW will make this right.. We want to be together with all the rest of our "twentythirders" group...

Anyway, here is our info as we received it from the agency:
Tentative group travel schedule:

Depart U.S. on September 08, 2008
Arrive in China and overnight in major city such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc. September 09, 2008 (This arrival city will depend on best price for international flight for you or city of your choice to have overnight before flying into your child's province.)
Fly to your province on the morning of September 10, 2008 (Delight Travel will make this booking for all families.)
**Meet Child on September 11, 2008 (upon confirmation with the Beijing office)
Pick up child's passport on September 18, 2008 (upon confirmation with the Beijing office)
Arrive in Guangzhou: September 19, 2008 (upon confirmation with the Beijing office)
American Consulate appointment- September 23, 2008
Family goes to AC to pick up child's passport with visa and take oath – afternoon –September 24, 2008
Earliest you can depart China-- after 9pm, September 24, 2008 (If you are flying China Southern nonstop directly out of Guangzhou to L.A.; please note
the consulate suggests allowing at least 24 hours to depart in case of delays) or anytime September 25, 2008
(If you are flying out of Hong Kong to travel back to the states, then your Hong Kong flight cannot be departing Hong Kong until 11:35am or after on September 25, 2008) NOTE: There are no flights that depart late from Guangzhou to Hong Kong on day you receive your child’s passport with visa.

thats it for now... going to sleep for a while... if I can..


Kim said...

Oh Yeah! We're goin' to China! We're goin' to China! We're goin' to China!

.....well, not exactly ME, but YOU're going and that's good enough for me! I am so happy for you!!!

Kisses to you and Tommy!!

Mysty and Anthony said...

Again, I can't be any more happier for you!! (and your group)You leave in THREE weeks and oh my is that going to fly by! We had 6 and it FLEW by! I know you are ready to go and get your Rachel! I know she doesn't know it yet, but she is ready for you to come and get her! Sorry about your friend...your agency MESSED UP on that!! I feel sorry for her and her little one who has to wait longer to meet her mommy!!!
I haven't been to the other places you can choose to go, but I have been to Hong Kong and it is GORGEOUS!!! If I had the option, I would choose HK..but again, haven't been to the other places. So excited for the day you leave! Praise the're going to get your little girl!! YAY!!!!!

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