Thursday, August 28, 2008

Could We Start Again Please

This was really a horrible night. On my way to work, I saw a little kitten that looked injured trying to climb up onto the sidewalk. It was on a side road I almost never turn down. I stopped to see if it was ok. The poor thing had apparently been hit by a car. It was in terrible shape, and was crying so loud. My heart was breaking. I called the emergency vet's office and they refused to see it unless I would take financial responsibility for it. Then I called animal control and they said it would take at least 45 mins to an hour to get there... in the meantime, this poor thing was in agony. A couple of Sheriff's Deputies came by and told me there was another ER vet in North Ft Myers. They gave me some rubber gloves, and I picked up the kitty and put it in a box and rushed it to the vet. I knew what the outcome would be, but I had to put it out of its misery. The NFM vet was wonderful. They took the poor little thing and put it to sleep, and never asked me for a dime. It's spine was broken so they said it was probably crying out from fear and shock, not from pain because it probably was paralyzed from the accident. But it was also covered in fire ants, so it was probably getting bitten on top of everything else it was going thru. I was absolutely heartbroken. It was such a sweet little kitty. I kept petting it while waiting to hear from animal control and it was actually purring, despite it's injuries. I really think G-d meant for me to be there to help this little baby. But it was SO hard to see. At least it's not in any more pain. I wish people would take responsibility for their pets! This should have never happened if the owners would have kept this little thing in the house!

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