Monday, August 25, 2008

On the Road Again...

So today was my running around day. Started out really nice. Met another adoptive mom today and we had lunch - we had been emailing for a few weeks now, and finally got to meet in person. What a nice afternoon it was...
Then after lunch, I hit Home Depot and bought the paint to do Rachel's ceiling. Since Z's trip was canceled, I'm going to make an attempt to do it myself.. (GULP)
after home depot, it was off to the bank to order the new money to take on the trip. Still pissed that GW won't wire the money for the donation over. but there is nothing I can do about it. Other than make sure everyone thinking about what agency to use in the future will know about how much things changed after we got our referral.
anyway, after that I ran to Publix to see what they would charge for the prescriptions we got from the pediatrician.. HOLY COW... no way would I go there for a script! I'm gonna check Sam's club tomorrow...
Finally hope and the satellite is apparently out... gave me a good excuse to write here quick and maybe start inputting some of the recipes I am trying to clear out of the box. I have been movingn all my recipes onto the computer. There are a few that I use a lot, so I'll keep those in the box, as well as the little recipe cards that are MEANT to be in a box... but all the recipes cut out of magazines or the paper.... or scribbled on little scraps.... those are the ones I'm going to get rid of!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Moving all your recipes to the computer? How will you cook when the power goes out or when the computer crashes? Why not take them and put them in a scrapbook? Somebody I know does it Nancy?

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