Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Cute Words...

Yet another day has come and gone. Still no word on our CA. Needless to say I'm really REALLY upset. I told the rest of my Chen Chen girls... it feels like our kids are being held hostage. and we are getting nothing from our agency. They are not responding to our emails, and we have had no word about what the hold up is... I really don't know how much more of this I can take. I am literally in pain.
Diane from my Chen Chen group is going to call the agency in the morning... hopefully she will get some kind of answer... It hit me today... they work for us and yet we are terrified to contact them. We are all afraid that if we make waves, something else will happen to slow us down... How pathetic is this?


Mysty and Anthony said...

I cannot believe that you haven't heard anything yet. It's really crappy that it's been a month and a half and you don't even know when you are traveling!! Something must be going on. Now we were originally told it might take 6 weeks, but it didn't! I know exactly how you feel about thinking your girls are being held hostage! That's the feeling I told you about before. It's like you are both reaching out your hands toward eachother and fingers are ALMOST touching but neither of you have anymore room to stretch and can't touch! It's a HORRIBLE feeling! BUT...this too shall pass. I didn't think the day would ever come, but it just hold one. Cry and be mad and yell, whatever you have to do, but the day WILL come and you WILL get to hold your daughter. I think it's the Olympics! I will be so glad in a week or so when they are gone...they are messing EVERYTHING up!!! I will keep looking to see if you get anything. Good luck to you and the other Chen moms!

Mysty and Anthony said...

Oh and DON'T YOU DARE be scared to call that office. I would call everyday, twice a day, until they answered the phone. The problem is that they probably don't know anything. My agency says that when they hear something, we will hear something, but they should atleast talk to you. They should know how upsetting this is! Although they can't speed it up, or slow it down, they can give you all the info they have. So call girls!!!! GET IT DONE!!! :)

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