Friday, August 15, 2008

Up Up & Away....

We are BOOKED... we have our flights to China. I am SOOO excited... and I even got to use frequent flyer miles for an extra seat both ways... Rachel will have her own seat coming home and we will have a little extra wiggle room going there... and you know when she is older and I need a good guilt trip I will have to tell her how her mom was even willing to do the unthinkable... we are taking a PUDDLE JUMPER from here to Miami because that was the only way I could get the connecting flight in NJ to Hong Kong without staying overnight in the airport!!! Those who know me know... I HATE to fly.. and a puddle jumper? well needless to say, I will be VERY heavily sedated for that part of the trip... glad it is on the way there when she will not be with us!!!!
On a sad note, Marla decided not to come with us to China... I am totally bummed about it, but I understand her reasons... its way too hot there for her (heat index around 113° daily) plus we are now going to be there a total of 18 days instead of the original 14 (not even going to go there... long story) so she thinks its best she not go... BUT... she will be here for the shower and maybe a few days early.. so that will be VERY cool...


Mysty and Anthony said...

YAY! Travel arrangements. So what day are you leaving? I knew there was a window, but I didn't know which day it was.
Going to China was my FIRST time to fly...ever!!! No, really I am serious. So I too took meds, but only used them on the 13 hour flight...I started feeling a little closed it and it freaked me out (bc we were in the middle of the middle seats) but I did ok for the rest of the flights. So you are staying in Hong Kong huh? I scrapbook HEAVILY and that is the last page I have to do now, bc it was the day b4 we came home so...well, I am glad arrangements are made and the time is getting closer!! Let me know if you have any questions!

Trish said...

OMG, I am so happy for you!!!!!! I can't beleive your time has finally come, way to go!!!!! I too will be one of the first in line to come visit when you get home, I can't wait! ((((hugs)))) sweetie! Trish

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