Thursday, August 21, 2008

People and other Aggravations

ok, maybe I'm just being... well... I don't know how to say it without cussing... so anyway... I had gotten a couple of emails from other families that have already been and that currently ARE in China picking up their daughters from the same orphanage that we are going to. They are all advising that their agencies were able to send the orphanage donation as a wire transfer and that the total was the same as it has always been - $3000. Well OUR wonderful agency is advising that they can't do the wire transfer anymore because the fees keep changing... HUH???? I'm probably going to be SO in trouble but I wrote a little email back to our advisor... ok, so it was probably a little snottier than it should have been... but it so irked me that yet again, we are not being treated like any kind of a priority... I always used to hate that whole "I pay your salary" mentality when it came to public service, but this is private industry, and gosh darn it I DO pay their salary... Oooo... I'm too angry... I shouldn't be writing this while steam is escaping my ears... but what the heck... years from now I'll want to remember why I would never recommend this agency to anyone! OY... another day... breathe deep...


Mysty and Anthony said...

okay, so on Gotcha Day, our interpreter took our money the night before and gave it to the nannies that brought the babies to take back with them. I don't understand what the problem is. I haven't EVER heard anything about wiring the money. We have to have it in crisp, new American dollars and we gave it to Linekar. I would be upset too bc it really doesn't make any sense. Yeah, don't like your agency...they sure are doing a crappy job with this..but just think..once you hit the plane, except for your interpreter, you are really done with them. I mean you have 2 post-placement updates, but that's nothing! Just a few more weeks and you can tell them goodbye...for good!!! Keep your chin up!! It'll be okay!

Jodi n Tom said...

I know... I can't believe we are only 2 weeks away from leaving! I'm going to order the money tomorrow at the bank. Since obviously they are not going to change their tune about the wire transfers. Lazy...

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