Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Shuffle

So today is Super Bowl Sunday... big whoop... LOL... We are not really a "football family" so it's not such a big deal, but we are still going to have Margie & Charlie over and Tommy is going to cook a Wild Hog leg we had in the freezer. Margie's son-in-law had given it to us a while back. We actually had no idea what it was until we thawed it out, but it looks pretty good. Hoping it tastes good too!

We went to my parents yesterday so mom could see Rachel. She had a great time over there, especially staring up at the ceiling fan! She was talking away at it. Funny, since she has one in her room too, but she liked Nana's better, I guess. My folks gave her a funny little plastic fishy that swims in the bathtub. She got a good giggle out of that too. I still say Rachel is the best medicine my mom could have!

This morning I already did a couple of loads of laundry, a load of dishes, vacuumed the whole house, and cleaned out my purse (I was stashing so many receipts in there, I couldn't find my cash, what little I keep). I decided it was time to take a break to check the computer, because my friend Trish is in China getting her daughter as I write this, and I was dying to see how it was going! Well, I just read it and she finally has her little Taylor in her arms! I got all emotional reading her blog about meeting her for the first time. It was so touching! I'm so very happy for their family!

Well, here are some random fun photos to end January... My little cutie is growing like a weed, so I want to get all the pictures in that I can!

Daddy is the best chair in the house, as far as Rachel & Penny are concerned!

This is the result of a 2 hour visit at Nana & Grandpa's house! We were barely out of the driveway when she konked out.

She sure loves to sleep in that car seat!

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