Sunday, November 30, 2008

I've Got Plenty To Be Thankful For

Well, we made it. Thanksgiving 2008 is now behind us... This was such a special Thanksgiving, because more than ever, we have SO much to be thankful for. To finally have our little Rachel here with us was, naturally, the biggest thing to be thankful for!
And already, it's time to start concentrating on our little Butterball's birthday!

Rachel will turn one on Tuesday, so today my parents are coming over, and our friends Margie & Charlie... We are getting her a little "smash cake" for her and her alone... and then another seperate cake for the grown ups to munch on... I think I'm also going to make some dumplings and egg rolls as a little appetizer/snack. We opted to just do a little birthday party here at the house this year. Mostly because I wanted this to be a special family day... Next year, I'm sure she will have lots of friends and we will have a party that includes other kids and friends, but I just wanted to be a little selfish this year. My parents are going to come over again on Tuesday for her actual birthday (of COURSE). But we are doing the party today since Tuesday Daddy will be working and he wants to be here to celebrate his little daughter's birthday too!

So here are more pics from Thanksgiving... Birthday pics to follow... probably tomorrow!
and I finally have a few pictures of just me with Rachel!!!! Next time we will TRY to take some full family shots... including all the animals!

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shazia said...

it's so nice to see how well adjusted, happy, and very healthy all of our babies are becoming. so wonderful to have families complete for the holidays. your family is beautiful!!

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