Sunday, November 30, 2008

All Tomorrow's Parties

Today we had a little birthday party for Rachel. Her Nana was there, and her Aunt Margie & Uncle Charlie too. Her Grandpa had to work so he couldn't be there... but she had a good time anyway...

I was going to dress her in something fancy, and then I remembered what we were planning... you'll see what I mean soon!
First she feasted on some dumplings and egg rolls. She really liked them! and she is sure getting to be an expert at biting into things with those teeth of hers!
She wasn't thrilled with the birthday hat, but she let us keep it on her for a little while before she told us in no uncertain terms that she had had enough!
After getting a good fill up of her snack foods, it was time to move on to the main event!
Her birthday cake! We couldn't get a regular "smash cake" so her daddy got her a carrot cake instead. You can see by the pictures that she REALLY loved her cake! Hooray for 1st birthdays!!!

Of course, after munching on all that yummy carrot cake, it was time for the clean up crew to move in! Daddy hosed off the highchair in the yard after Penny helped with the initial cleaning of the seat! In the meantime, Mommy brought the birthday girl into the kitchen for a proper hosing down!
After getting hosed down in the kitchen sink, it was time to get into jammies and have a little snuggle time with Mommy before getting her bottle and going to bed... Oh.. and if you can see her cute little feet, she is wearing some leather "Got Milk" cow booties that her Aunt Margie & Uncle Charlie gave her for her birthday!
The best part of it all is, she gets to do it all again on her birthday on Tuesday!! Then her Grandpa will be there but her daddy won't. So she get's 2 birthday parties
We LIKE birthday parties! even little ones!

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Lorie said...

Happy Birthday Rachel..........woohoo!!

Jodi you've been tagged, 4th folder, 4th photo by me...check out my blog.

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