Monday, November 10, 2008

God Bless the USA

So this afternoon I started to panic. I spoke to my girlfriend Sophie over the weekend, and she mentioned that she had already gotten Zia's COC (Certificate of Citizenship). As a matter of fact, she got it over 2 weeks ago. Well, we hadn't gotten Rachel's COC yet... so I decided to email the rest of the families in our travel group... the answers started coming in one by one. Everybody that responded had the same answer. They got their COC 2 or 3 weeks ago. So that's when they panic kicked in full force. I contacted our post adoption counselor from Great Wall. She said to contact the USCIS office. I called the USCIS office, and they said they don't have anything to do with certifications. Ok, so now I'm REALLY freaking out because I don't even know who to call and scream at!
Well, like I always say, timing is everything... I had gone out shopping with mom at Sam's club and decided before going to her house to work on her computer, I should stop at my house to put the refridgedables away. I also thought I should check the mail... and guess what was in the box! Yes, it is now totally official. Rachel MeiLi is a CERTIFIED American Citizen!!! Hooray!!!!
Next step, I have to apply for her social security card. I'll be doing that either tomorrow or the next day, unless we have to have an appointment, in which case it won't be up to me!


Mysty and Anthony said...

I remember getting that paper! In fact it's in a frame!! HAHAHA It's so exciting...all these steps are so important and mean so much to us who have been through this! Congrats on your AMERICAN girl!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know this, but not all states recognize that piece of paper! You HAVE to re-adopt her in your home state in order for ALL states to recognize that she is a full citizen of this country. The paperwork is simple to fillout.


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