Monday, November 03, 2008

Under African Skies

Today was terrific. Rachel & I drove up to Sarasota to visit a dear old friend, Osumba. She and I used to work together at the University before I got married. She retired and now travels back & forth to Africa where she has started an orphanage in the village she grew up in. When I get more info, I will be posting it here, as well as on the various message boards. I am SO proud of her. She is really an amazing woman.


sarah said...

Sounds like a great visit and such an interesting friend!! I will love seeing the photos!

We took Lauren to visit our friends from Burundi and Sudan a couple of weeks ago (so fun).

Mysty and Anthony said...

So glad there are bold people like her. Tell her thank you from me too...without people like her...we wouldn't have our beautiful babies! She's a hero in my book!

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