Saturday, November 08, 2008

(Lime in the) Coconut

Tonite we went to the Cape Coral Coconut Festival. It's like a small scale state fair with all the typical fair things! Rachel had her first taste of Philly Cheese Steak (wish we had seen the BBQ stand and the Gyro stand before we got the cheese steaks!) and she also had her very first try of Funnel Cake... now THAT was a HIT!
We met up with our friends Lorie & John and their girls Kaylie & Amelia... unfortunately, we got there a little late, so they were pretty much done eating before we started so we split up right after they ate so they could start going on rides with the girls. Rachel was too little to go on anything just yet (unless I went with her, and I wasn't willing to spend that kind of money to get us each tickets... they don't do lap tickets for babies!)
We also went with Margie & Charlie and their granddaughter Arora. She had a blast.
My girlfriend Meri came with her whole crew, including her parents! (I love her dad... he is so sweet). I think Rachel was VERY happy to finally meet Gavin! and he sure was a cutie! They always have a "name" band. Tonite it was Survivor. We didn't really hear too much of them... I actually thought they were done playing but they came back out right after the fireworks ended. and that's where Rachel ended too. She LOVED watching the fireworks, even though she was really tired. Almost immediately after they ended, she was out cold.
I will post the couple of pics I took later. Just her sleeping, but I also took a pic of Charlie winning a black panther doll for Arora, just so we could show we were at a Fair!

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