Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alice's Restaurant

Well, it's almost my favorite day of the year... Thanksgiving... and that means turning on Alice's Restaurant while we cook... we've already started thawing the bird... I made my pumpkin soup and the string bean casserole... tomorrow, Tommy will make his pumpkin pie and custard pie. He already made homemade cranberry sauce. I still have to do the sweet potato casserole and the rest of the side dishes. Oh, and I already boiled up the chestnuts for the stuffing... we'll need a lot of that to stuff into that 28 lb bird we got! We are expecting anywhere from 11 to 13 adults on Thursday. And if Tommy had his way, there would be enough side dishes for each person to have their own!!! I had to talk him out of having me pick up carrots. As it is now, we have at least 6 sides already... ENOUGH!!! :-)
I am still without a laptop, so I'm going slightly nuts. I also just realized I do not have the printer running on the desktop yet, and I'm not even sure I'm signed on with the high speed connection! For all I know, I could be on dial up right now!
So other than LOTS of cooking, there isn't a lot to share just yet... but here are a few of the most recent photos! (always need an excuse for that, right?)


Lorie said...

Jodi, I knew there was a reason we became instant friends.....chestnuts in your stuffing a woman after my own heart. But where in the world did you find a 28lb bird???????

sarah said...

THAT is a feast!! Sounds like fun!

Great family photos. I love Rachel's purple outfit! Someone recently gave us one just like it for Lauren (now she has to grow a bit more to fit into 9 month size).

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