Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Erase The Pain

So Sunday we went to Outback for my girlfriend Margie's birthday. Rachel actually let us put her hat on for a while, but it didn't last. She kept putting it on herself, but then she would take it off and stare or play with it...

Dinner was good, but Rach decided she was going to be a lttle fussy for a while so Tommy & I basically took turns walking her outside.. didn't want to disturb any of the other people! Well, as usual, she was the center of attention. The waitress totally melted because she held her arms up and wanted to be picked up. So the waitress picked her up and she layed her little head on her shoulder and was ready to fall asleep! So THAT's why she was miserable! Guess we waited a little too long to go to dinner!

Monday was Doctor day for me... had an appointment in the morning with a new Dr, and then in the afternoon, I had my second opinion consult about my back. So this Dr also feels surgery is necessary, but he had some different views on the whole process. The first Dr asked me what I wanted to have done first. This guy said he felt I should do the neck first because it's possible it will take the pain away from the lower back and leg too... and maybe I can avoid a 2nd surgery, at least for a while.
So next Tuesday, I will be heading in to the hospital to have some disks removed from my neck. The real decider was when he said that a minor trauma could potentially cause paralysis because of the pressure being put on the spinal cord right now. Ok.. scare me stupid... I'm ready to sign...
I scheduled the surgery for the week that Tommy will be home (his company is closing for a week because of the lousy economy... he's forced to take a week off, so he can help with the munchkin!)
The Dr also said I should be feeling MUCH better by the time the gang arrives for our big "Hunan Spicy Girls Renion" next month... Yay!!! That was the other reason I wanted the surgery scheduled right away... I know I am gonna want to pick up all those adorable babies!

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