Thursday, August 06, 2009

Behind the Wall of Sleep

Sometimes, parents can sure surprise ya.... Today was just a totally exhausting day. I worked all last night and then had to go to the hospital for all the pre-op tests. After the tests, I stopped at Sam's to get some much needed supplies, since I won't be able to get there next week. I got home around 10:30am... meaning I'd been awake for just about 24 hours and just lost more than half of my regular sleep for the day!
I went straight to bed and Tommy kept Rachel & the crew pretty quiet (altho I don't think an explosion would have woke me at that point!).
I got 3 hours of sleep and then it was time for me to get up with Rachel. I called my mom and she offered for her & my dad to come play with Rachel so I could go back to sleep for a while more! WOOHOO for Mom & Dad!!!! They came, they played, I napped! Mom woke me at 6pm, so I can make dinner for the munchkin. She is now eating happily, I'm getting a few minutes of computer time, and when she is all done, I will get a little MORE sleep!!! YIPPEE!!!! So all together, I will actually have gotten at least 6 hours for the day. Considering how exhausted I was this morning, I am thrilled.
No updated pictures today... I left my camera in the car. Besides, if I took pictures of what my adorable daughter is wearing right now, I'd be drummed out of the mommy club! Tommy put her in my favorite red white & blue skirt. Unfortunately, he decided to match it with her pink, yellow & green shirt! LOL...

Ok... dessert time for the munchkin...
More tomorrow...

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