Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday Boy

I haven't had a chance to get on here very much since my surgery. I have to say, I'm pretty miserable. It still hurts quite a bit, and I have to keep watching Rachel's every move because she seems determined to grab my incision. I'm on so many drugs right now that I have no idea what's happening most of the time! She's generally been good, but there are those moments when all she wants to do is cuddle close to my neck and then she tries to pick at the incision.. YUCK. And on top of all the pain from the surgery, I am now dealing with a case of Thrush on top of it all!!! Yeah, life's good... just not right now!

So today is my honey's 50th birthday. I can't believe that he has come to this huge milestone and I am stuck here on the couch like a big old lump of... well... you know... I had so many ideas I wanted to try out for his birthday. I had wanted to do a party, but that was way out of the question. I even tried to get at least one or two of his friends to come up , but that didn't work out either. I feel so bad. This is such a big birthday for him and all he is doing is hanging around watching me stumble around the house!

I'm trying to make up for not having a spectacular party for him so I told him he could go thru all the take out menus and order from where ever he wants... that might have been a mistake... naturally he chose the most expensive place we go to down here! LOL... that's ok... he only turns 50 once!

My folks called a little while ago and said they were going to buy him a birthday cake so they will be coming over too.. I just feel so bad that we didn't have a big party planned. Although I wouldn't be feeling all that much like going out today, right? I had tried to get some of his friends or family to come down for a little vacation, but I waited far too long to ask, so nobody was able to come down. I really should have started planning something much longer ago, but then again, I wouldn't have been in any condition to do anything if it was scheduled for this week.

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