Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hound Dog

I've been pretty lazy about posting here, so I decided to do a little something to get things caught up. This morning, Tommy played "hose" with Penny... these pictures are the after-effect of her having some good fun!

That's her little stuffed lambie... she never comes to bed without it!
As for the rest of our week... well, I've been dealing with some pretty miserable back & neck pain for a while... I finally went for a full MRI and saw a Neurosurgeon last week. I'm going Monday for a 2nd opinion, but the long & short is, I have some pretty bad discs, and need to have some surgery. SO... that's what will be in my very near future. I'll probably have 2 seperate surgeries. The first for the bulging/herniated discs in my lower back. The 2nd for the 4 herniated in my neck.
The Dr said that the lower can be done arthroscopically, which I like... minimally invasive, nowhere near the spinal cord so no paralysis risks, etc...
The ones in my neck... well, we'll just wait and see and keep thinking good thoughts...

I'm also trying to pull together some kind of special birthday party for Tommy... he will be 50 in just a few weeks and I totally screwed up and didn't realize just how soon his birthday was until I was putting the new dates on the dry erase calender on the fridge! OMG... now I have to make something spectacular for his big day! I'm hoping that some of his friends or family might be able to make it down here for the weekend and we can surprise him... but since it's such short notice (yes, I DO feel guilty and yes, I AM a moron for not doing this sooner) I don't know if we can pull it off...
Our 10th wedding anniversary is 2 weeks after his birthday too... and then we have our 1st annual Hunan Spicy Girls REUNION! WOOHOO... I can't WAIT to see our travel mates! All the girls have been growing so fast, it will be SO much fun to see them all together again! Just sorry not ALL our group will be there... but next year... NO EXCUSES WILL BE TOLERATED! LOL...

That's about it for now... we are getting another summer storm, so I'm going to shut down before my laptop gets fried..
See you all soon!

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