Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dr Robert

Tuesday was finally my surgery day. Everything seems to be good. I'm already up & walking around. And despite all the folks telling me I wouldn't be able to eat solid foods, I have been ok. I had scrambled eggs for breakfast today, this afternoon it was lasagna and tonite I think its supposed to be tilapia... and the food just isn't bad either!!! Not as good as mine, of course, but not as miserable as I'm used to hospital food being!!
I was supposed to go home today, but the weirdest thing happened after surgery. I have this excruciating burning stabbing pain in my left hand in between my index finger and thumb... there is no explanation for this, and because the pain is SO intense, they are waiting to figure out what it is before I can go home... apparently it's some sort of nerve issue... the Dr hasn't been in yet today, so still don't know anything.
As for the neck, the incision is pretty huge... goes from just under my ear lobe to about my throat where they would put a trache... they didn't, but that's where the incision ends.
Anyway, I'm no longer on morphine... now its Valium & percoset... which is good because they would not have let me go home until the pain eased enough to get off the morphine...
speaking of... feeling a little loopy at the moment... so maybe I'll finish this later...

So the Dr came in and still can't figure out what the hell is going on with my hand. He drew around the area that hurts the most. He put me on another script, one that is specifically for nerve problems... As of this writing, I had one dose... no help at all. But I'm gonna go home on Thursday no matter what!!!!

They keep assuring me the scar won't be all that bad by the time it's all said and done... Hopefully, they are right and these will just blend into the creases in my neck...

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Lorie said...

Hey is the pain in your hand today, feeling any better? Thanks for commenting on my blog...I am going to try to hold out for as long as I can. We have a week planned in Disney in October, and the girls and I really want to I was putting off surgery until the beginning of the year, but I will play it by ear. Hope you get to go home soon!!! Let is know if we can help.

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