Saturday, August 08, 2009

Winds of Change

What a day... ok, so first, I got out of work this morning and was supposed to call this woman who was selling a little picnic table on Craigslist. I call Margie to see if she would take a ride with me to go pick it up. I headed to Margies while I waited for this chick to call me back. She was not thrilled with waiting until today to sell it to me as she was planning on selling on a first come first serve basis... I explaind that I had Dr appts the earlier part of the week and that I work midnights, so Friday would be the first chance I had to go all the way to Pt Charlotte to pick it up. I promised her I would call her at 7am on Friday. So I called... and called... and called some more! Then I emailed her... No answer, no response. I waited until 8:15 at Margies. Still no response. So I gave up. I then wrote her an email saying how disappointed I was that she didn't even have the decency to respond. I was upset about losing so much sleep for no reason.
Sometime later in the evening, she responded by email saying she had a family emergency. ok, I can understand, but at least be fair and let me know? Whatever...
Then I got a phone call from the Dr's office. My surgeon had a death in the family, so they were cancelling my surgery scheduled for Tuesday. They are supposed to call me on Monday to reschedule. I sure hope they can get me in this week, since Tommy will be home to help me with the baby! If they have to make it much later, things are going to be so much harder.
We then went to my folks for dinner. Rach had a great time playing with her Nana & Papa. It totally knocked her out and she was asleep before we got to the end of their street! Unfortunately, we got home a little later than I would have liked. So in total, I slept for 3 hours today. I am SOOOOO tired... Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday, and I get to sleep in while Tommy is home! YIPPEE...

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