Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nature's Way

Living in Florida can be such a joy. Yesterday we had the "bug guy" come out because I started hearing noises from up in the attic. My worst fears were realized when he said we have a rat! The good news is that it appears to just be one, and that he hasn't been up there long. Since they wanted $250 to sign up for their "rat irradication program," Tommy opted for us getting some rat traps and he will go up there to take care of the situation. The bug guy did tell us we should use slim jims for bait! too funny... so I went to Walmart. Got the slim jims, but they didn't carry the old fashioned spring loaded traps.. tomorrow I will hit Lowe's to pick up a few of those.
My comic relief for the day came when Tommy dropped and broke the Pyrex measuring cup. No, that was NOT the funny part... the funny part was discovering (not too much of a surprise) that he had absolutely NO CLUE how to turn on the vacuum cleaner! That sure explains a lot! LOL...
As for our little princess... she is getting a couple more teeth, so she's been feeling a little under the weather... clingier than usual, running a little bit of a temp, but still running around like a wild child... she's so good. I think this may be the last of the teeth for a while. As far as I can tell, I think she's got all the ones she's supposed to once these pop thru! and based on the bruise on my shoulder from where she bit me this afternoon, they are working perfectly!

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