Saturday, July 18, 2009

Art School Girl

First thing this morning when I was on my way home from work, I found a yard sale and this art easel thingy jumped right into my car! So I guess there is no doubt in anyone's mind now... Rachel is definitely LEFT HANDED! So at least now that means her Auntie Marla will be able to teach her how to knit & crochet! YIPPEE!!!!
Good thing I remembered I had a box of colored chalk stuck in the back of my desk drawer. She was having a good time scribbling away and then erasing her artwork. I have to get her a real eraser, since the one she is trying to use is actually for a dry erase board... not quite the same thing. I also want to get her alphabet letters, since the other side of the chalkboard is a metal material to hang magnets from... of course, we are going to have to be careful with them. This afternoon, we found her friend Zia's picture on the floor... a little while later we realized that the magnet that held Zia's picture to the fridge was gone... and loe & behold, there was Rachie sucking on that thing like a gumball!!! Needless to say, we made some major changes to what gets hung on the fridge and how we hang them!!
After She finished her nap time, she was very good about keeping herself busy while her Mama took on a major cooking project. I generally only make lasagna once a year, around Christmas time. I always make a tray for mom's Xmas Eve Party, and an extra tray for our freezer... well, last year we were up north for the holidays, so I never made my lasagna... Tommy had a special request for lasagna this weekend, so I naturally agreed! Ok, so let me make this clear... I now remember why I only make lasagna once a year! I had to take 4 Advil by the time I was done, just so I could stand up! I was in total agony by the time I got all the trays into the oven! We are going to have a tray for dinner on Sunday, plus I'm going to freeze a tray and will probably split the other tray up between my folks, Margie & Charlie (who are coming for dinner too) and us. We had a quickie dinner of soup, salad & sandwiches tonite since there was NO WAY I was going to be able to cook after my lasagna extravaganza! Oh, and for anyone wondering: 4 lbs of Ricotta, 4 lbs of Mozzerella, 1 & 1/2 lbs of lasagna noodles, and at least a gallon of gravy... uh... sauce.. lol...

After all that fun, Rachel was WAY ready for bed... she has that cute little sleepy eye thing going too... so I just had to snap a couple of shots of her just before she went down... Night-night little princess...


Sarah said...

What a cute little artiste! ;-)
Very familiar crib; very familiar pose... we have one that does the same thing (but with a little less hair).

Anonymous said...

I have one of those easles for Zia..but I have it put back until she is you have me thinking. I am sure Zia is going to be left handed too...she does seem to favor it more! Okay...where is the meat in the lasagne?? And "gravy"...for us that are hillbillies...gravy is pan fried sausage with some flour and some whole milk that you dump over fried potatoes and hot biscuits...not lasagne...oh wait...your Italian..that is what they call the tomato sauce...right?? hee hee!! xoxoxo!

Mysty and Anthony said...

Olivia is a lefty too..we are gonna have some VERY smart little girls! She is getting so big and more beautiful everyday!! I can't believe it!
Hey, I have a question for you. I didn't realize this but Rachel's middle name is the name I want to use for our little Korean girl we are going to start paperwork for next summer, but how do you spell and say it?? I am thinking MAELI (May Lee) Would you be upset?? I saw it on someone else's page and just realized it was her middle name too! I can't think of a first name yet, but I have time!! :) Just asking!! :)

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