Saturday, June 27, 2009

Would you like to swing on a star

So this morning I went and picked up the Little Tikes Swing & Slide that I bought from someone off Craigslist. You can see from the pictures, Rachel REALLY likes it!

We waited until I got up from my 2nd nap (don't ask... it was NOT a good sleeping Saturday like I'd hoped) and we set it up in the Livingroom for now. I am going to get rubber mats to put under it and then it will go out on the lanai, but until then, I would rather she get used to it with carpet under her tush!

After having quite a bit of fun on her new swing & slide, it was time to go to dinner. We hit our favorite Chinese Buffet. This time, Rachel had her first real good experience with a cream puff!

I now discovered just how hard it is to get a child to sit still while you try to get cream out of her nose! Boy, she sure got into that cream puff! After a while, she figured out that she could scoop the cream out with just her finger, so that's how she finished it off. Then after every possible bit of cream was gone, she tried to get me to eat the little bit of shell that was left. Of course after I said no thanks, she proceeded to finish that off too!
And of course, after all that yummy food and fun, it was definitely time for a nice long bath! I can't figure this kid out sometimes... she LOVES taking a bath. If you ask if she wants one, she goes running to the bathroom door yelling Bath Bath Bath over and over... and she loves getting wet... splashes herself (and most of the room), plays with her toys (as you can see, there are a gazillion of them in the tub with her... but actually, most of them are the letters of the alphabet and numbers that can stick to the wall when wet), and giggles and grins the whole time. BUT...
when it comes to washing her hair, you would think we were setting her on fire! Its not the shampooing either... its the rinse cycle that gets her... I tried getting her to put her head back.. yeah, right! I've tried filling a plastic bowl and pouring it over her slowly... oh HELL no... the screaming will cut thru ya... and worst of all is when I use the handheld shower head on a light mist! I'm telling you, the neighbors must think we are torturing this kid! and it's only when the water is hitting her head! She LOVES having the shower sprayer on her hands, even under her chin! JUST DON'T GET THE HAIR WET!!!

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