Saturday, July 04, 2009

My Country Tis of Thee

Happy Birthday America! Today was a really nice day. It was Rachel's first official Independence Day!
We started out by having a tailgate party with Margie, Charlie & the kids. Charlie BBQ'd some hot dogs, I made macaroni salad, & we had watermelon too! Rachel ate 2 whole hot dogs! We also picked up a little inflatable kiddie pool so the kids could play in the water.
After we ate, Margie's kids shot off some fireworks. Nothing really big, just a little something to entertain the little ones for a bit. Then we packed up all the cars and headed across the street to the Landings. We parked down near the water and set up our chairs and blankets to watch the big fireworks display across the river. We met my folks and all their friends there too.
We were set up on the Ft Myers side of the river to watch the Cape Coral fireworks. Red White & Boom was bigger than ever this year, but I have a real hard time dealing with crowds, so this was MUCH better! The weather was perfect. Not TOO hot & sticky... there was even a bit of a breeze going, so it wasn't as miserable as it could have been! We sprayed everyone with bug spray. That didn't help all that much, but maybe it cut it down a little! My ankles got bit up pretty good...
Anyway, the show was fantastic! MUCH better than last year. They lasted a good amount of time and Rachel really seemed to like watching. She bounced from my lap to Nana's lap, Papa's, Daddy's, even Uncle Charlie's lap! Whenever the fireworks would light the sky, she would point to them and say "more" or "again" and when they were done, she shouted "YAY"... so it looks like she really enjoyed them!
By the time the show ended, we were all pretty tired. We barely got out of the parking lot when Rach fell asleep in the car. Yes, she had a fun day!

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