Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rag Doll

So today was my monthly breakfast with the girls and it was terrific as usual. The best part was when Kim gave me a present for Rachel. I knew about it, just didn't know when it was coming! Kim's mom is an amazing seamstress. Before we left for China, Kim told me to bring her some material. Her mom was making hand made Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls for Rachel! So while we were in Guangzhou, I picked up a really pretty silk material. Well today, I got to see the finished product! They are amazing. Each hair is hand stitched to the head and all the clothing is made by hand as well! And Rachel seemed to really love getting them too! I even had a hard time getting her out of the activity chair to put her in for her nap because she was busy talking to the dolls! Too cute!

Tonite we are going to my parents house to finally do our gift exchange with them (since we were away for the holidays). We actually got our big gift already... a big rolling ice chest to use during our parties (we have been borrowing one from a friend every year for our Shrimp Boils) so it will be just a little exchange for us, but I'm sure Rachel will make out great as usual!


Kim said...

Those pictures are so cute! I'm going to send my mom the link so she can see how much Rachel loves her Raggedy Ann & Andy!

I love the picture with her two little teeth showing!!

Jodi n Tom said...

Well, this should also make you giggle... my little girl is ALL girl... she obviously favors ANDY.. LOL...

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