Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No song title for this one...

It's been a rough few days. Mom went to the hospital yet again, with the same complaints of pain that she has had for several months. After running tons of tests (again), they found she had a blockage. Long story short, they removed a "fairly large" tumor from her colon and they are already talking about chemo... the biopsy won't be back until tomorrow, but I'm guessing that they already know it's cancer. Needless to say, I've been pretty much numb... I'm also really pissed off, since she has had all the same complaints for so long and I just don't understand how they didn't find this sooner! Besides all this, the damn Dr has a "no call back" policy, and so I haven't even been able to get the info from him about what is going on! This is NUTS! I want to know things like how many cm's are in a "fairly large"?

Well that's about it for now... too many phone calls to make to stay online but I'll update again when I know more...

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