Sunday, October 26, 2008

Best Friend

So today should have been a really great day. Victoria arrived on Friday evening. I was SO excited to see her. I was feeling a little yicky, but not totally miserable, and her visit would surely make me feel better. As soon as she saw Rachel for the first time, she cried. She agrees with me that she is the most beautiful little girl on the planet... LOL...
So jump to Saturday. We get up in the morning, and my stomach was feeling less than happy... great... another one of THOSE days... Then Tori realizes she's not feeling so wonderful either... but maybe it's just allergies. It's a little rainy out, so no pool time just yet.
We pack up the baby and go out for a little lunch. Well, I barely make it thru our appetizer (which was delicious... ) when I feel like I could die... it was awful...
So we head for home. We were supposed to meet a bunch of other local adoptive families for dinner and a Halloween train ride, but I was feeling too yucky to go anywhere...
So we decided Tommy would pick up a pizza after work and we could do that for dinner... Margie & Charlie came over too... As the night wore on, Tori started feeling worse and worse. She was actually so chilled she needed a jacket (remember.... we are in Florida... HOT weather).
Our friends left relatively early, and we all decided it was a good idea to go to bed early... Tori & I both felt like poop.
Around 2am, Tori comes to our door.... she is really sick... can hardly breathe, her chest hurts, the works. She has decided she needs to go home so she can recoup before having to go back to work, and so that she doesn't get the rest of us sick with whatever she has....
We are both SO sad... but I understood... We just kept saying we'd see her again in January when we go to Chicago for Chinese New Year...
So this morning, we got up, had some tea, and took Tori to the airport to head back to Chicago... It's a really sad day... I miss her tons already.... But we did take a few pics while she was here! And since it was finally a little "Chilly" this morning, Rachel got to wear her little long sleep top! :-)


Mysty and Anthony said...

Aw, I am sorry she had to leave so early and didn't get to spend that MUCH NEEDED best friend time with you. I need my best friend time more than I can get it can tell in the pictures that she doesn't feel good though! Rachel seemed to like her already though! Well, Jan will be here before you know it! Hey, what did the Dr. say about you??? I never found out!

Anonymous said...

I didn't read this until just now (2/11/09)
Yeah...I was SO sad to leave and I can't wait to see you again SOON!
Love you

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