Thursday, October 09, 2008

Crazy He Calls Me

This was just too much fun... Rachel likes to do "Cheesy Smile" and we were trying to catch her doing it at the restaurant tonite. I gave up trying to get still pictures, so we tried video. Hope it plays!

We were at Sweet Tomatoes. It's a giant salad bar place, but they also have awesome soups, potatoes, pizza bread, muffins, pasta, & some good desserts. We discovered Rachel LOVEs Chick peas, Macaroni & Cheese, green peas, peaches, and gee, here is a shock.... vanilla pudding and vanilla frozen yogurt! She was an eating hound tonite. (Boy are we ever sure they picked the right child to place with THIS family!!!)

Today was also a fun shopping day. Girls day out. Mom, Marla, Me & Rachel. We had fun hitting some of the stores. Oh, and BOY do we LOVE Kohl's! They had an incredible sale. I got Rachel a bunch of onesies in various sizes and neat designs, and they were all reduced to $1.20 each!!!!! Way too cool. Mom and Marla picked up a few little gifties for her too.. but mostly, we just had fun shopping!

Tomorrow morning we are getting up a little early and going to Bob Evans for breakfast. Marla has been telling us about their biscuits & gravy. I can't believe we have 3 of them here in town and I've never tried their biscuits & gravy! :-)


Mysty and Anthony said...

Aww I LOVE the video! She is so cute and AMEN on the eating thing...I think they eat like that bc they don't think they will get anymore later...that lasted here for almost and year and then slacked off...but still, you walk by her with food even if she just ate, she is going to ask for a bite!!
Olivia has started saying Cheese and that's kinda what she does...just Olivia's ISN'T a good smile...makes a really funny face. We might have to make her say something other than cheese for pics of we want them to be good!!! HAHAHA
So glad you are better and have loving people around you to enjoy Rachel! It's so awesome to see how wonderful she's doing and you are doing as new parents!! I would LOVE more some everyday.... but I know it's hard!!! :) Thanks for these today!!! Have a great bfast!! I think me and my mother-in-law are going to go to IHOP!!! :)

Kim said...

I love the video! It's SO cute.
(As my kids got older, they wouldn't smile when they said cheese, but a neighbor taught them to say "BEETLESHIT" for the camera. They always smile now! And yes, I know it's not politically correct, but it's the only time they can say it and it's all in the name of a good picture and that's what's most important, right?

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