Sunday, October 19, 2008


My girlfriend Meri took these pics at the shower last week... too cute...

So today we finally managed to put away most of Rachel's presents from her both of her showers. I think I forgot to mention... yesterday was the baby shower at the Cape Bridge that her Grandpa's co-workers made for him at his job! How adorable is THAT! My dad works with some amazing people. They had terrific food and MORE presents!!! This little girl sure is gonna get spoiled!!!

She got SO many beautiful outfits! Her closet is actually organized by size now... Hopefully, she will get to wear all the beautiful things before she outgrows them! LOL... she is growing like a little weed.

She was terrific today. She did lots of playing by herself in her playpen while Daddy & I worked on straightening the house. We want to get things at least a LITTLE organized, especially because we are getting our next round of visitors next week. Rachel's "Auntie V" is coming on Friday for the weekend. We are SOOOO excited... and right after Tori leaves, our friends Vicki & Woody arrive for a couple of days... They were our neighbors, but moved out of the country last year... can't wait to see them too! So we thought it would be a good idea to get the house looking a little less like Hurricane Hannah blew thru... LOL...

I'm still feeling a bit out of it. Guess I'll find out for sure what I picked up tomorrow when I call the Dr's office for the final lab results... whatever it is, my Dr is convinced its viral and there is nothing to do but let it run its course... what fun... NOT

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