Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cold on The Shoulder

Today was supposed to be my first day donating plasma. Unfortunately, after being at the donor center for 3 hours, they informed me my iron levels were too low to donate. So I will go back on Friday and hopefully, things will be better.

Today was also the first "chilly" day of the season... It was beautiful. It's actually in the 50's right now. Tomorrow is supposed to be a record breaker... not forever, just for the day, but it was nice to feel the cool brisk air for a change. You could tell it is autum! Oh, and naturally, since it is almost Halloween, it was also time to carve a pumpkin! Here is Tommy, hard at work on his Halloween Masterpiece! (Complete with candle inside!)
It also meant it was the first time I could put Rachel in one of her cute little fleecy type outfits!
Here are a few cute pics of her with Penny & her bottle...

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Mysty and Anthony said...

She has so many things that remind me of Olivia..and I personally think Olivia is gorgeous, so that naturally means I think Rachel is gorgeous too!!! :) She looks so she's been with you guys from the beginning..amazing isn't it??? I tried to get Olivia to drink from Playtex bottles, but she refused...those pics reminds me of her pink one! First time I was able to buy a buy a pink bottle an use it for myself! Penny looks like she likes her too! IT's so cute to see them together...It's like Penny is just another "sister" and Rachel isn't afraid of her at all!! She looks like a sweet dog too!! Thank you for sending and posting pics! Oh and I am ALWAYS too low in iron, can NEVER give!! Hope you are feeling better! Look forward to more pics!

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